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Extra Practice for Struggling Readers: Word Study: Motivating Practice Packets That Help Intermediate Students Learn Key Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots to Succeed in Reading and Writing

Price: (as of – Details) When successful readers encounter unfamiliar words, they utilize strategies— for example, identifying word parts such as syllables and suffixes—to help them figure out pronunciation and meaning. This resource offers dozens of practice pages that give older struggling readers multiple opportunities to review and apply these …

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Your So – Called, Freedom, Is Not More Important Than Public Health!: 5 Key Principles

You can’t have it both – ways, nor should you be allowed to! Isn’t it amazing, that so many of the people, who want to restrict other people’s freedoms, when it opposes their perspective/ point – of – view, such as, regarding Women’s Rights, or opposing protests, etc, use this …

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Affiliate Marketing Lesson – Why Simplicity Is The Key To Affiliate Marketing Success

Many people tend to over complicate the whole process of starting their whole affiliate marketing business. The fact is that the whole affiliate marketing business model can be simple if you are willing to focus on doing one thing at a time. When you over complicate your whole business, you …

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The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read: The Missing Key to Finally Tapping into the Universe and Manifesting Your Desires

Price: (as of – Details) Why the law of Attraction hasn’t given you the life of your dreams yet…and what to finally do about it once and for all to easily manifest your desires faster than you ever thought possible. There’s a reason you keep buying all the books. There’s …

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