Hidcote Manor Garden – August 2018: money

Hidcote Manor Garden – August 2018

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On 23rd August 2018 we had our first trip to the magnificent garden that was built at Hidcote Manor by the American Lawrence Johnston.

He designed the garden himself and it’s a tribute to both his passion and his vision of what an English Country Garden can be.

He wasn’t short of money and that can be seen in the clever, and expensive, landscaping. But the true art of his work is shown in the planting. Not just the flowers but also the beautiful trees and topiary.

Each element of the garden is designed as if you were in a ‘room of a house. As you travel around the garden you go from one room to the next. On your travels you go through the equivalent of the ‘door’ (but it’s not a ‘door’ in the strict sense, simply a passageway through to the next element); the experience is truly magical.

These days the garden is kept up by an army of volunteers who tend the garden to keep looking beautiful all year round; but there’s also the staff who cater in the cafes and shop who answer any questions you wish to ask. They were all so friendly and a wonderful advert for the National Trust.

I can’t recommend this garden highly enough. Through every season it sees change and we intend to go and make it a regular visit. I’m sure we will enjoy our times there!

We highly recommend a visit for anyone who enjoys a good day out and seeing one of England’s finest gardens.

You can find out more by going to the National Trust website for the garden. Follow this link: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/hidcote

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