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Please be advised that adding a cash flow stream to your personal or business endeavor is critical to your lifelong cause. Check out two mobius (infinity) cash flows system in one to speed up your regular passion (gain, pride, duty, greed, self-indulgence, self-preservation).

It is all in one solution and fuel to our basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, mobility). It is not pyramid scam, ponzi scheme, MLM. It is just a cash flow system with increasing products value, business structure, all-in-one online offline auto marketing channels and passive income in one up front affordable investment transaction.

To just acquire information like this can cost you at least $20000.00 or lifetime confusion (AI circles – P.S.S.S.). You get it by your acquisition just like Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett and others in a smaller scale. Use it in your personal life or business profit center, non-profit fund raising by acquiring it under you or your company’s name. Then, use it as a promotional item, a product or a service. It is a brand able platform with no royalty charge. You do not just sell something to your customers but a cash-flow-system benefits your clients. Your CPC (cost per customer) is just the amazing system acquisition once.

Breakeven is just after one customer you acquired. After the third one will be 1/0 unlimited ROI. The second one is the key to the second mobius cash flow 1/0 ROI. ROI: Return on Investment, 1/0 is ∞ infinity

Unlimited payments 24×7 Buy a product & a business, a passive income stream just once. Unlimited payments 24×7! Make Money in Double Mobius Loop.

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Artificial Intelligence is a three-step-process decision =>
state, action, reward!
We do it every day in all aspects of our life, now a self driving car is the most popular application – artificial neural 
network with machine learning process. Machine is an agent in this case, its reward is 0 or 1 on its processing path.
In our life, we need to walk the walk to reap the reward (your end game – it never end); a learning process with hands-on experience and correction (temporal difference).

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