Selling Artworks Online – Attract Targeted Viewers to Your Art Gallery

Attract More Visitors To Your Artworks.

Web traffic matters a lot in online artwork selling, but not completely. What matters is a combination of targeted good traffic looking for artworks. For an example, if a person is willing to buy a digital camera, then what are the chances of his buying an oil painting? Of course very less! But, in the case of a visitor looking for home decoration items is more likely to buy that oil painting. There are lots of methods to attract more targeted traffic to online gallery. Some of them are listed below to assist artists:

1. Artwork Promotion:

There is no replacement for artwork promotion. This brings your artwork more viewers. The more the viewers, the more the chances for sell. Promotion is like advertisement and for which you may have to pay little amount but it worth. This helps you in many ways. Some of them are:

a. Increases exposure.

b. Reaches to targeted viewers.

c. Increases probability of sell.

A targeted traffic to your art gallery will boost the visibility and increase the chances of sell.

2. Submit good quality & multiple pictures:

Many artists submit ordinary quality picture of their artworks. Art lovers see the artwork very minutely and hence it is suggested to give them a reason to buy, by providing high resolution pictures. Ordinary quality pictures hide brush strokes which art lovers may look for. Remember, high resolution pictures take more space and many website may not allow uploading of such high size picture. There are many photo editing softwares available in the market and some of the trial versions are also available on internet. In cases, artists are not comfortable with photo editing on computers then [] does editing work on behalf of registered artists absolutely for free. All an artist needs to do is to e-mail the pictures to

If this is a craftwork or sculpture then, try to submit more than one picture taken from different angles. The purpose is to provide a 3-D view of artwork. Just take an example, keep yourself in buyer’s place. Now, you are searching online for some good craftwork or sculpture for your home, office, hotel, restaurants whatever it may be. You have shorted out two good craftworks and you have to finalize one. One craft is shown in single picture and other one is given three images taken from different angles and giving you full 3-D visuals. Now, which craftworks you will likely to buy? Of course the second craftwork has got more probability. The same way, multiple pictures help buyers to visualize the craftwork and chances for sell goes up.

3. Provide an attracting title:

i. Artists know their artworks more than anybody else and hence provide attracting titles to your artworks. The title is the second most important factor after the artwork, where an art buyer or collector looks at.

ii. Every artwork is created in different moods and a good title helps an art buyer or collector understand your idea. The title or theme is one of the most important factors which differs your Artwork from a Product.

4. Provide a little write-up about your artwork:

People who love art are more likely to read or listen a little about your concepts. It is suggested to provide a short description of your each artwork. Also, providing small details of previous exhibitions, responses, media attentions etc helps a lot. There is nothing to loose by providing short write-ups but definitely adds value to your artwork. Remember, the visitors visiting your gallery are interested more on the artwork and less on the write up and hence avoid long write-ups. If the exhibition is in an Art Gallery (Not online) then, ensure for a suitable font size of write up so that it can be read easily.

5. Money back guarantee:

Artworks are priceless. Money back guarantee encourages people to buy your art. This also reflects the authenticity of artwork and develops a trust in you and attracts more viewers/visitors to your artworks.

6. Encourage queries:

Encourage visitors to send their queries to you. The faster you resolve their queries more the chances to win the sell.

7. Do not replace the sold artwork from your online gallery unless there are some restrictions. Keeping some of the sold artworks in your gallery adds value to your other artworks and generated interest and trust in buyers. (source: [])

Disclaimer: Successful art selling depends on many other factors also and hence there is no guarantee for sell. Readers may or may not agree on the content of the article submitted.

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