How To Advertise On The Internet in 6 Simple Steps

Many times people ask me how to advertise on the internet so that they are effective. And you know it’s a great question because I see a lot of mistakes being made.

I know because I have also made the same mistakes with advertising. So the purpose of the article is to show you how to market on the internet and get tremendous results by following a simple plan.

By the end of this article I will show you how to advertise on the internet and have free traffic for many years to come. Now I’m sure that is something that would be a huge benefit to you and your business.

Really that’s the goal, for you to do your marketing and have it pay you over and over again so you can enjoy the finer things in life.

These tips are listed and you should follow them in order to get the results you desire.

  • Write articles based on your keyword research that will give value to your reader. Submit these article to high page rank article directories so your article stands a great chance of page 1 on Google.
  • Use a video to accompany your article as this is a very strong and powerful way of getting your message across on the internet.
  • Write a blog post that is related to your article and video and put links with the blog post to the published article and video. Use the keywords as the links to push up the value within Google.
  • The next step is very important in advertising on the internet and that is adding backlinks to all of the posts. You can do this in Facebook and Twitter, also use syndication tribes. The backlinks are the one thing that will keep you posts ranked high on search engines.
  • All of your posts, articles and video must have a strong call to action, this should lead people to a capture page. This is where your advertising should be heading with the offer of a free gift or training.
  • And finally you should have a strong marketing funnel that will give your prospects a lot of value, and it should have a product on the back end.

So let’s go over the points above on how to advertise on the internet so that everything ties in together.

If you have done your keyword research well and have the right backlinks from high page rank sites on the internet, you articles and videos will hold a high position for many months even years without you doing anything to them.

Because people will be searching on those keywords you will have traffic coming in on a daily basis from just one article. That is so much more powerful than having to post everyday to get the traffic.

All this traffic leads to you capture pages and into your marketing funnel which will in turn into paying customers.

If you set all this up correctly you will be in the top 3% on internet marketers who enjoy the kind of success you are looking for.

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