Benefits of Using the Web Directories

Basically, the web directories are large collections of links which have been categorized into specific themes or topics. Before the prominence of the search engines, a web directory was seen as the most effective research tool for locating relevant information specific to a web uses requirements. Even though the major search engines have become more popular, there is still a variety of worthwhile reasons for submitting a website to be listed in the general or niche specific directories.

Here are some of the main benefits of submitting to the web directories

Helps to get a website indexed

If you are able to have your newly published website listed on one of the well-established web directories it is certain to go a long way to helping get your website indexed in the major search engines. Since the established web directories are already high traffic areas, they are likely to be crawled quite frequently by the search engine spiders, this has the benefit of helping to attract attention to your own individual site.

Improving on search ranking

Once a website has been successfully listed in the search engine results, it is highly beneficial to show the search engines that links are coming from a valued and a trusted community, which is the case with the well-establish web directories. If you are able to include high-quality sites in your link profile this is certain to help with improving the ranking in the search engines. Also, inbound one way links that are relatively themed are more desirable than the reciprocal links.

Targeting the keywords

When it comes to submitting a website to the link directories, you often have the opportunity to provide a description and keywords that are relevant to the websites you are attempting to promote. If you are able to target the keywords that are highly relevant to your target audience, it is only going to help with maximizing on your SEO efforts.

Also, if you are able to write a well written description this is beneficial for the real human visitors to the directories which should entice them to click on your link and visit your site. If you are targeting the direct click-through traffic, you need to make certain that you are using the more well-established and popular web directories that get the significant daily traffic. In many cases the volume of traffic that is likely to come via the links on the directories is highly dependent on the niche or topic of website.

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