Relationship Between Masturbation And Prostate Health

Masturbation is one activity which has been considered a taboo and their hundreds of myths associated with it. In fact in the earlier days it was believed that human beings do not have the right to indulge in self satisfying sexual pleasure activities, the only way they could enjoy sex was with their partner. Even today there are many myths which people generally believe about masturbation and consider it as a health hazard or something that should be avoided.

The good thing is that many of the myths and perceptions about masturbation have been busted mainly due to the changing times and it has been accepted widely that sex is very much part of our biological needs. These days there are many studies being conducted all over the world which are trying to find a connection between prostate health and masturbation. It is now believed that masturbation is the safest form of sexual satisfaction since there is no risk sexually transmitted diseases and infections. It generally involves manually stimulating the genital organs to produce the same feeling which one derives from having sex.

Not so long ago it was a general belief that masturbation can cause the problem of an enlarged prostate but recent studies which took into account all forms of ejaculation through masturbation, sexual intercourse or nocturnal emissions have pointed towards a possibility that masturbation is in fact a healthy practice which keeps our prostate healthy.

Prostate as many of us might not be aware is responsible for supplying a large part of the fluid that is discharged as semen by men. A study conducted on animals indicate that carcinogens that exist in cigarette smoke have a tendency to accumulate in the prostatic fluid. Hence through masturbation or sexual intercourse these carcinogenic substances get discharged through seminal fluid. Analyzing this angle there is a high possibility that regular ejaculation can indeed help in reducing the chances of getting prostate cancer.

Medicines meant for prostate gland work by shrinking down the tone of the thin sheet of muscle that surrounds the prostate in men. At the time of an orgasm the muscles near the prostate get contracted and the prostate appears to have become shrink. Hence we can safely assume that a prostate medicine and an orgasm have an almost similar effect on the prostate.

The prostate gland keeps growing all the time and it generally starts giving trouble once men cross the age of forty. It is recommended to have regular checkups of the prostate health after one crosses the age of 45.

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