Where Should You Donate Chicken Eggs?

Farmers who have plenty of chickens and donate eggs can mean the difference between a healthy family and a family who is sick and weak. If you have several chickens, you may have more eggs than you know what to do with. Donating them to the needy is one great solution.

People in need are in abundance today. Their jobs are at risk, as are their homes. When they get to a point where they can no longer support themselves, they turn to the government for help. Food stamps, housing assistance, and places such as clothing donation in Tucson are places that they turn to for any help they can get.

The food banks and food pantries are in need of donations from people who have something to give in order to supply these items to those who presently do not have much. There may even be a donation pickup nearby where they will come by and pick up any eggs you wish to donate.

Goodwill pickup trucks are always on the road picking up clothing items, as well as kitchen utensils and pots, books, videos, picture frames, and furniture. You can donate television sets, radios, computers, and so many other things, just so that someone else can enjoy it. One man’s garbage is, after all, another man’s treasure.

Eggs are such an important part of the diet. They have protein, among other important vitamins to keep a family strong and healthy. And they are so versatile that one can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They make great sandwiches, are good for salads, and they can even be portable when hard-boiled. This is a simple and healthy lunch for anyone on the go, on a diet, or for a lunchbox at school.

Some people think they are strictly for breakfast. And there are many ways to use them for this first meal. They can be scrambled, or fried, poached, or soft-boiled. They are also an ingredient in pancakes and French toast. And they can also be microwaved, which makes them even easier to cook in many ways. They can also, however, be made into many different kinds of omelets, which are good at lunch and dinner, too. In fact, there are so many ways to prepare eggs that a family would probably never run out of recipes.

The eggs that people buy at the grocery store are sometimes expensive and they wonder just how healthy they are. Some are enhanced with extra vitamins. Others have come from chickens that were fed hormones their entire lives. Farmers chickens are usually all natural, and so are their eggs. It would be great if they would share these healthy wonders with less fortunate families.

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