Unique Visitors – Pros And Cons About Tracking Unique Visitors Only

What Kind Of Unique Visitors Do You Want?

The problem with most tracking tools is that they are only designed to track a certain number of unique visitors and page views. This is good but there is room for more.

A unique visitor is simply a new IP (Internet protocol) address or a new person with a new PC surfing your website. It is a pleasant thought to but there are a few things to consider.

The Pros

  • Unique visitors are a single fresh number that can put a smile on your face. Mainly because it means you are getting new visits each time instead of robotic generated IPs.
  • You will know how far your site or traffic generation methods have grown in reason to this statistic. Any tracker is able to track this today.
  • These numbers also represent ‘new raving fans’ that have decided to check out what you have to offer. Sometimes, they might even purchase from you.
  • The Cons

  • If you are getting a large number of unique visitors but do not watch your web return rate, you are in trouble. No one likes your site and they go away forever.
  • If the time each new visitor spent on your site is not tracked you do not know how compelling your website copy is. You might be wasting your traffic.
  • Sometime the same person can use two different PCs and still be presented as 2 unique visitors on your site. You might not be getting real numbers.
  • One of the best ways to really get unique visitors to your page is to make a discount of 10% of your total traffic. Additionally, make sure you set up a squeeze page or a blog of some sort to attract visitors.

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