Are you a Fashion Shoes Junkie? How to Make Your Feet Look Like A Million Dollars

Summer is coming, which means strappy sandals, thongs and open-toe heels are coming out of the cupboard. As your feet are the most used part of the body – transporting you day-in, day-out – it is so important to remember that they not only need to look good, but deserve the utmost care possible all year round.

Pampering your feet throughout the year will mean that when Spring arrives and we start to make the acquaintance of our feet again, they will look sensational, rather than toes with ingrown toenails and feet with bunions.

So why not have the best looking metatarsals on the planet?

It is very simple, really; by putting in as much time on your feet, as you would on your hands or face, you’ll ensure great looking feet, no matter which shoes you decide to slip on.

Good hygiene is definitely the key – with daily cleansing in the shower or bath, as well as a close inspection for ingrown toenails, calluses, bunions, bacteria and so on, on a regular basis. You can also soak your feet in a basin of warm water once or twice a week – just until you can feel the warmth radiating through your pores and into your aching feet. This not only feels great, but also relaxes the whole body.

Do you want to be footloose and fancy-free?

Try pampering your feet and you will be pain-free and able to dance the night away. Freshen them up, and you will reap the benefits of good foot hygiene and care. Treat your feet gently by avoiding trauma and constant pressure, and see a podiatrist if you have medical problems that cause such trauma.

You should ensure you have your toenails clipped straight across, to avoid ingrown toenails. You can remove dry skin by using a foot file, a pumice stone or a product specifically designed for this purpose. If you have dry skin, moisturise your feet daily, or cover with olive oil, before popping on a pair of cotton socks and keeping them on overnight. Your feet will be silky-smooth by morning! Add some colour and bling by way of temporary tattoos, ankle jewellery or nail polish, and wear attractive but comfortable and well-fitting shoes. Then you can be assured that your feet will have that million dollar look and feel!

Don’t put up with the pain!

If you are suffering from any foot pain including reoccurring problems or injuries, you should seek the attentions of a Podiatrist or Podiatric Surgeon. Many people put up with foot pain for years believing that treatments don’t work or have had unsuccessful procedures and given up. Please see a Podiatric Surgeon.

There are many new treatments for foot and ankle pain. Podiatric Surgeons perform permanent treatments which a podiatrist can’t do, and most are painless and can be done in clinic, same day.

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