Emergency Health Services in Durgapur

The steel city of eastern India, Durgapur, is getting ready to be known as a new health city with more and more hospital chains now eying on investing here. The following paragraphs specifically reflect on various emergency healthcare facilities established in the town in the recent past.

Durgapur is the fastest developing town in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal, India. On the face of it, the town acts as a social support system to the people of Bardhaman and surrounding districts. Earlier in the decade, Durgapur was mainly known for Durgapur Steel Plant, an integral part of the Steel Authority of India (SAIL). Today, along with SAIL, the town is also known for the presence of other industries including thermal power, cement, alloy steel, petroleum and chemicals.

In the recent past, Durgapur has attracted bests of the investors from real estate, hospitality, education, and health sectors. In fact, one cannot deny that the region has been envisaged as the health city of the eastern India, ranking just after the capital of West Bengal, i.e. Kolkata. A recent integrated health and knowledge project initiated by the three Indian conglomerates namely SPS Group, Mani Group and Synergy Group is the next big revolution that the district of Bardhaman will experience in the coming years. The project will provide state of art health facilities plus it is also meant to offer medical studies to students. This venture is named as IQ City Health and Knowledge Campus and the name speaks for itself.

Besides, a number of well established hospitals and nursing homes are also located here in Durgapur including the Mission Hospital, Durgapur Sub-divisional Hospital, Vivekananda Hospital Pvt. Ltd. and Durgapur Steel Plant (DPL) Hospital. It is also a fact that people from the surrounding regions namely Asansol, Raniganj, Andal, Mython, and even from the neighbouring states of Bihar and Jharkhand come to Durgapur for various reliable treatments. A recent research also shows that the emergency medical facility offered in Durgapur is far more advanced in comparison to other towns in West Bengal. The hospitals are well equipped with emergency and maternity wards.

Durgapur is also quite reputable for its ambulance services. The town has broken the old myth which claims that only metropolitans or megacities in India have well developed ambulance facilities for the commoners. Prompt ambulance service in Durgapur is provided by hospitals like Durgapur SD Hospital, D.S.P. Hospital, and Vivekananda Hospital. Other smaller institutes and trusts involved in providing ambulance service in Durgapur are Municipal Corporation, Lions Club, City Medical Hall, City Clinic and Ram Krishna Vivekananda Charitable Trust (Ambulance with Oxygen). On a smaller platform many other organizations also contribute to this philanthropic activity and the names include Amra Kajan Boys’ Club, Asha-Deep, Auto Mobile Association of Eastern India, Bhiringee KaliBari (Benachity), City Poly Clinic, and Rama Medical.

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