Sonomono Natto Powder Mild 50g – 1 Month Dosage – Natural Japanese Probiotics to Support Gut Health and Immune System

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About SONOMONO Sonomono was created with the mission of developing natural products with real wellness for the body. We locally outsource raw materials and commit to a no-GMOs, no fillers and no additives policy in all our products. We believe in the wisdom of traditional food and its value for new generations. WHAT IS NATTO POWDER? Natto powder is fermented soybeans. The freeze-dried powder is a convenient way to consume natto and provide your body with a daily dose of natural probiotics. One teaspoon (1.5g) contains the same number of probiotics than 10 packages of raw natto, 24 billion CFU in spore form. The spore acts like a shield that increases B. subtilis survival, allowing them to pass through the gastric acid and reach the intestines unharmed. IMMUNITY SUPPORT AND GI HEALTH B. subtilis is a microbiome regulator. As 70% of the immune system cells reside in the gut, a balanced microbiome influences gut health and immune responses. It also aids digestion and supports the maintenance of the intestinal barrier. COMMITMENT TO NATURAL INGREDIENTS The secret of producing tasty, nutritive, and probiotics rich natto is the soy itself. We exclusively use no-GMO soybeans from Kyushu, cultivated just with water, and sunlight. This dedication produces plump and nutritious soybeans that skilled artisans ferment into savory natto and we transform in fine powder.

HIGHER HEALTHY EFFECTS THAN RAW NATTO. When raw natto is freeze-dried, the number of probiotics increases 320 times, concentrating 16 billion CFU per gram. The freeze-drying also helps to decrease the deterioration of soy protein and nutrients, as result, natto powder availability for the body 1.5 times higher than the raw natto.
REACHES THE INTESTINES ALIVE, PRODUCE VITAMIN K2. The loss of moisture caused by freeze-drying causes B. subtilis to form a spore to protect itself. The spore allows B. subtilis to pass through the gastric acid unharmed and reach the intestines alive. Once in the intestines, B. subtilis produces various healthy compounds such as vitamin K2 and nattokinase. Vitamin K2 is related to overall bone health; and the enzyme nattokinase to blood and arteries wellness. “
TASTY, EASY TO USE AND WIDELY POPULAR. Despite being a healthy food, using natto is limited to rice topping and side dishes. Natto powder offers endless cooking possibilities just by sprinkling and mix with your favorite food. Due to its ease of use and good taste, our product has appeared several times on Japanese television, newspapers, magazines and social media.

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