Click Happy: Your Guide to a Meaningful Life & Career in the Digital Era

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In an increasingly digitized world, online commerce, digital marketing and virtual jobs are no longer the exception… they’re the norm. But navigating this new reality can be difficult: how do you start your digital career, balance work and life, and find the right path for you? The book you hold in your hand has all these answers and more.In Click Happy, renowned media buyer and educator Molly Pittman details how digital marketing is changing our world as individuals and professionals. She’ll share her journey from bartender to consultant, educator and professional speaker and how her career in digital marketing made this possible. She also shares how you too can transform yourself and your life, looking at a variety of different career paths available in the industry. And you’ll walk away with the fundamentals you need to begin your career in this rapidly-evolving field.Honest, thought-provoking, and optimistic, Click Happy looks ahead at the digital-first direction our world is headed and shows you how you can carve out your own space and your own happiness.

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