Does My Child Have a Mental Illness?

Every parent wants their child to be a healthy, happy one. Ok, maybe not every parent, but certainly every concerned parent does. So, how do you know if your child actually has a mental illness and what do you do about it?

Keep in mind that you don’t have to follow a trend. Just because someone tells you that your child may have a mental illness doesn’t mean they are right. It has become very “popular” to diagnose children with mental illnesses. In my personal experience, I have met children who were diagnosed and had no actual condition. They were simply being children. So, don’t go with just one opinion.

A mental illness is a problem in the thought process. In other words, the thought process has become so severely hampered that the person can no longer make reasonable judgments and the condition has affected situations of every day life. Children however are just now learning how to make good decisions and quite few of their behaviors are based on actions that they themselves see. In other words, if you are yelling and throwing things when angry, don’t let someone tell you that your child is mentally ill when they throw tantrums and have angry behavior problems. You simply need to change your own behavior and give them a different pattern to learn from.

Chances are, you know your child better than anyone. Trust your instincts. Keep your healthcare provider informed. If they don’t want to be informed then find a new one because they cannot make an educated decision without all the information.

For example, I took my child to our assigned doctor for excessive headaches which included nausea and an increased sensitivity to light and sound. Now, I never went to medical school but I was pretty sure those were migraines. Mix in the fact that every male in my family has migraines and it seems pretty simple to me. But, my doctor refused to hear any family history, saying he didn’t need to hear it. Well, I was offended because some of my family members who have migraines have also died of anuerisms. Calm me silly, but I thought some family history may be important.

Remember, you are paying the physician. If you are not satisfied with their quality of work, then get a new one. You wouldn’t keep a plumber who worked on the sink while you were trying to explain that the toilet leaked would you?

Source by Kathy Foust

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