Stress, Relationships And Mental Health

A lot of stress comes from our interactions and relationship with other people. Conflicts with your kids, your spouse, your parents, your in laws, your boss or your coworkers can impact the way you feel and the way you function.

Therapists spend a lot of their time helping patients to better their relationships with key people in their lives. Many people who seek out therapy are having problems with people. Relationships can be quite complicated and challenging, so this need is quite understandable.

And your ability to handle this interpersonal stress has a great deal to do with your overall mental health or mental well being.

But what is mental health?

William Glasser, M.D., a well known psychiatrist who recently passed away, understood the connection between mental health and one’s social interactions. To him mental health was synonymous with happiness. Dr. Glasser defined mental health in the following manner:

“Happiness or mental health is enjoying the life you are choosing to live, getting along well with people near and dear to you, doing something with your life you believe is worthwhile, and not doing anything to deprive anyone else of the same chance for happiness that you have.”

In addition, Dr. Glasser added the following thoughts on this topic.

“You are mentally healthy if you enjoy being with most of the people you know, especially with the important people in your life such as family and friends. Generally, you like people and are more than willing to help an unhappy family member, friend or colleague to feel better. You lead a mostly tension-free life, laugh a lot, and rarely suffer from the aches and pains that so many people accept as an unavoidable part of living. You enjoy life and have no trouble accepting that other people are different from you. The last thing that comes to your mind is to criticize or try to change anyone. You are creative in what you attempt and may enjoy more of your potential than you ever thought was possible. Finally, even in difficult situations when you are unhappy-no one can be happy all the time-you’ll know why you are unhappy and you’ll attempt to do something about it.”

So, as you can see the amount of stress you are likely to experience is tied in closely with your ability to manage your relationships effectively. Take a little time to review Dr. Glasser’s definition as consider attitudes, behaviors and feelings that you may need to adapt to manage your stress more effectively.

Source by Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.

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