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Anyone wishing to experience business growth in the current economic climate knows how tough the competition is out there. With e-commerce and other web-based business systems continuing to gain popularity Australia-wide, businesses need to engage in specialised online marketing solutions to achieve sustainable growth. Online marketing is no longer about spam emails and tacky web banners; there is now a huge assortment of online business solutions that can aid your business in generating interest and creating sustainable business growth.

These days you will rarely find a highly successful business that doesn’t have some type of web-based strategy, usually supported by an engaging website. With consumer behaviour drifting strongly towards online trends, your business needs a viable business growth strategy to entice your chosen audience. If you’re thinking that a company website is the way to go, you must think tactically. Not only must your website be visually appealing and easy to navigate, it must be engaging to the user. You only have a very short time to capture the attention of prospective customers so there must be something on your website that is attractive to your target market. This means you must create a balance between aesthetic appeal and important information. It would be worth looking into visual style guides and interactive design principles as a foundation.

So, you have a website that is visually attractive, engaging, and includes all the information you want, but how can you use this website to create business growth? Firstly, you need to lead prospective clients to your website so they can see what you have to offer. So how do you generate traffic to your website? There are many tactics you can utilise to drive traffic. For example, you can employ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), where you optimise key words – that also relate to your products or services – on popular search engines. This is an effective and proven tactic to generate leads because when the keyword is searched, your website will appear first in the search results. This will greatly increase the chance of a prospective customer visiting your website and it will create business exposure. You will be their first choice, meaning that you will already have an edge over your competitors.

Minisites are also an excellent way to propel your business’ online presence and are a driving force in a business growth strategy. Minisites act as shortened versions of your main website and are a great tool in directing traffic to your main website. Not only do minisites increase brand exposure but they can also direct a customer to your business when they search for a particular product or service. You can customise your minisites to target niche markets and therefore create a wider customer base.

So when you have a website and you begin to experience business growth, what do you do next? Technology, especially online, has a tendency to rapidly change. You must keep up-to-date with technology changes to stay ahead of your competition. A common mistake made by businesses is not updating their business growth strategy when necessary. If you wish your business to continue building momentum, you need to continually update your website and your business growth strategy according to what is working and what isn’t. Your current clients will appreciate ongoing information and updates on your services. A transparent relationship with your customers increases your credibility and successfully builds on your online presence. This has a flow on effect that helps direct more traffic to your website and increases your chance of business growth.

SOS Development are specialists in innovative marketing solutions and web design packages that are specifically tailored for the needs of our clients. Our cost-effective methods have been proven to create sustainable business growth to ensure the survival and continued success of your business. We offer tailored and strategic solutions for your business that promise prosperity and a competitive edge in your market.

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