Ho’oponopono and Manifesting Wealth – Reconciliation and Forgiveness Develops a Prosperity Mindset

One of the largest roadblocks to successfully developing a prosperity mindset is being unable to reconcile and forgive for past hurts. Holding on to these pains do not serve you in any way and can have a significant effect on your ability to develop a prosperity mindset. When you are holding onto hurt, you focus on hurt and you do not allow your mind to be open to receiving goodness into your life. This must change, and the practice of Ho’oponopono can help get you there.

Many people struggle with being able to manifest wealth, but what they do not realize is that one of the biggest things that keeps people from manifesting wealth is that they are blocked by pain from things they have been unable to forgive. This inability to forgive is the main reason they have been unable to manifest wealth. They must learn to forgive before they can have the abundance and prosperity they desire.

What is Ho’oponopono

This is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is a very powerful practice that helps people address hurts they may have experienced and learn to reconcile and forgive these negative experiences. This can be an especially powerful experience when done as a family to heal long standing and often ignored hurts that have occurred within the family.

Power of forgiveness

When we take the time to acknowledge that we are in pain and that we need to move forward and heal we can open ourselves up to more abundance and prosperity. When you release the pain of the hurt and open your heart and self to forgiveness you prepare yourself to be able to receive all the goodness that is coming your way without it being colored or muddied by the pain you were holding onto.

Open your heart

When you get to a point of forgiveness you open your heart to be able to receive on two fronts. The first is by opening your heart to be able to love more by learing the power of forgiveness. The second is that you clear out old pain and hurt from your heart leaving open space in your heart that you can fill with love and joy instead of the pain and hurt. The extra bonus is that not only do you benefit two-fold from forgiving, but so does the person you are able to forgive.

Let more in by letting go

When you learn to remove old pains and hurt you learn to open free space to receive new things. This is why this is such a beneficial practice for helping you to achieve more abundance and prosperity. When you let go of these pains and these hurts you open yourself to allow the good things in, including all of the abundance and prosperity you desire.

Source by Sean M. Adams

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