Want to Gain Weight? Quit Smoking

One of the unfortunate side effects of quitting smoking is weight gain. While it’s normal it gain a little bit of weight, you should be concerned if it becomes excessive. It’s important to understand why people tend to gain weight when they stop smoking.

One on the major reasons is that smoking simply raises your metabolism. This is why many individuals lose weight when they start smoking. The average smoker burns up to 200 calories a day from smoking alone. Not only that but nicotine an appetite suppressant. So not only are you burning more calories while you smoke, but you feel less hungry when you do.

Often time’s it’s best for smokers to avoid between the meal snacks. The snacking is replaced by lighting up. So what can you do about it? There are several things that a person can do to help. Exercise is always an option. Not only will it be a way to relieve the tension that quitting causes, but it will also burn excess calories too. It’s natural to have the urge to snack when you’re trying to quit. Because of this, make sure you have healthy snacks on hand at all times. Carrots or celery can be a wonderful alternative to candy.

It’s also important to avoid alcohol when you’re trying to quit. Not only is alcohol high in calories, bit it’s generally a trigger for smoking. Smoking and drinking usually go together.

Don’t let the idea of gaining weight detour you from quitting smoking. By taking a few simple preventive measures, you’ll be able to quite with little or no weight gain.

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