3 Reasons Why You Need to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Wealth

If you want to be wealthy, and to keep the wealth you have, you need to take care of one thing above all else, that is your mind. Your mind must be prepared for the wealth that is coming if you are truly going to receive it and be able to keep it. The following three reasons should give you clarity on why preparing yourself mentally is the most important thing you can do for gaining and keeping wealth.

The road is tough and can only be survived if you are mentally tough

The first reason you need to prepare yourself mentally is because the road to wealth is tough. That is just the way it is. You are going to be tested along the way, faced with challenges and difficulties that would make the average person stop and give in.

Want proof, look around you, how many people that you know are wealthy? Everyone has the capability to be wealthy, there is no unique gene for wealth, but only few actually achieve it. These people achieve it because they had the mental strength and toughness to make sure they did what they needed to do to achieve what they wanted. Only mental strength and preparation will get you through to the goal of wealth.

You mental financial blueprint will decide your level of success

The second reason you need to prepare for wealth mentally is because ultimately your level of financial success is ultimately determined by where your mental financial thermostat rests. This mental financial thermostat is the level of wealth you are mentally prepared to have.

Most people have a thermostat set for just getting by or comfortable. Some have a thermostat at below their income so they are perpetually in debt and it always seems to get worse. Very few people have their thermostat set for wealthy and abundance.

It does not matter if you come into a large sum of money or not, you will eventually end up back at the level your thermostat is originally set for. Why do you think the majority of lottery winners eventually end up back where they were, their thermostats were not set to handle the new wealth. So you need to work on your mental financial thermostat if you want to be able to have and keep the wealth coming your way.

You mind creates your reality

The third and final reason you need to prepare yourself mentally is because your mind creates your reality. If you mind is not in the right place your reality will not end up I the right place. There is no way around this fact, what we believe we shall see.

There is a simple equation that explains how this works. T-F-A=R. This is simply the basic rule of life: your thoughts become your feelings, which become your actions, which equal your results. If you are not actively working on your mental thoughts then the rest will not fall into place. You have to get your mental house in order for everything else to work out.

Hopefully these three reasons help you to see why you need to working on preparing yourself mentally if you want to be wealthy. Without a strong mental foundation the wealth with not arrive or stay. So get to work on developing your mental focus and clarity.

Source by Sean M. Adams

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