The Diet Fallback Plan

Moments when you feel at your strongest are generally not when setbacks occur. You are alert and ready to meet diet challenges head on. Instead, these diet breaking moments of weakness sneak up when you are not paying attention. While you are out shopping, your stomach grumbles and you catch the scent of fried delicacies from a nearby food court or fast food restaurant. Just one little stop couldn’t hurt, right? Wrong. You can set yourself back days both mentally and physically. Doing this more than once can spell doom for your diet! Avoid this good health pitfall and do all that you can to guarantee success. Your best bet is to think of those moments when you least expect a craving to hit. Always have a fallback plan ready and your diet will work!

On the Go Snacks

When you are out of the house and away from your personal stock of healthy snacks is when you are most vulnerable to bad eating. Every populated area offers many fast food restaurants and other unhealthy eating alternatives. Perhaps it has been days or weeks since you last ordered out, and you are feeling confident about it. Beware, this is when temptation may rear its ugly head and shatter your resolve! Rather than risk tempting fate (and enticing your tummy) always have a healthy snack with you. Many popular diet foods are available in easy to carry snack sizes. Toss one or two in your glove box or purse. When you are feeling hungry, turn to these lower fat choices rather than going all out greasy!

Keep Busy without Eating

Eating can become a space filler in your day. You have some time, so you grab a quick bite to eat. You may do this despite not being hungry, and over time it can become a habit. If you are worried about overeating to cure boredom or as a distraction, prepare yourself with an entertaining alternative. Keep an enthralling novel or small travel game with you at all times. When you’re feeling antsy and want to eat even though it is not a mealtime, break out your busy activity! The minutes will past more quickly so you can get on with your day and get past the craving.

Tasty Suggestions

If you eat as a nervous habit or a way to occupy yourself, consider other alternatives. Chewing gum is a great way to add some flavor without actually adding to your diet. Be careful about which kinds of gum you choose. Some are high in sugar that you will wind up taking in as you swallow. Many gum brands come in sugar free alternatives that offer enticing flavors just as good as anything with sugar. Keep it interesting by storing a few different flavors and brands so you do not grow bored with your options. Breath mints can also act as an alternative to eating, provided they are enjoyed in limited quantities.

You can get by with your friends

If eating has become a habit, try replacing it with a healthier habit that does not require adding pounds to your body. If you have some down time during the day that you used to fill with munching, try chatting instead! You will still exercise your jaw and entertain your mind while catching up with friends and family. Give mom or dad a quick ring or call your best friend to discuss whatever is on your mind. You will be mentally stimulated and can completely forget about your complaining stomach. Your loved ones will also appreciate the attention!

Setting yourself up for a successful diet means being ready for the moments when you have your guard down. If you are having trouble breaking bad habits, try replacing them with better ones. You will feel stronger and can try stimulating your mind instead of your digestive tract. It will take time, and even with a fall back plan you may have moments of frustration. Take it day by day and get past any setbacks that manage to slip by! Learn from past mistakes and be ready with an alternative to unexpected eating.

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