The Silver Bullet of Success

Many of us in Internet Marketing are continually looking for The Silver Bullet for Internet fame and success…read on because I am going to share a little known secret discovered back in 1937. I am going to once and for always, share the secret of the Silver Bullet.

There are several levels of Internet Entrepreneurs…or maybe better “Intertrepreneurs”:


These are the ones looking for a quick Buck, Euro, Ruble or Yen.. It doesn’t matter, you can fill in the currency. They are everywhere… These are the folks who come into the sanctity of CyberCommerce and want to grab a quick piece of cash. They are unwilling to learn, absorb or train for their craft. They come full of adrenalin, money lust and greed and are devoid of anything else.


These folks are the CyberCommerce Couch Potatoes. They are not greedy…they are frankly just lazy. If it takes any effort, it’s not for them. They nose around the edges of the CyberCathedrals but never come in to worship.


Aha..these are the workers, the motivated…the chosen few who enter reverently, quietly and with respect for those who have come before. They listen and learn. They watch and absorb, process and produce. These wonderful individuals honor their teachers, benefactors and mentors. They are quick to share and to guide newcomers to the Temples of Trade.

One thing that has been know for centuries is this:

Success Leaves Clues! Those who have risen to the top always leave a trail of bread crumbs to guide the next generation but only to those who are willing to be quiet and listen…those who are willing to learn and study their craft and take the Success Clues and implement them, to take action.

Here are a few ideas for those who aspire to be CyberSaints, those who seek the incredible riches that await…

o Review, revisit and revere the history of your craft. Do all you can to know who came before and what they did. How did they succeed? How did they share their knowledge? Build your foundation with all that has come before.

o When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…do all you can to prepare for your teacher. When the Master appears, be ready. Learn all you can, study constantly and prepare yourself for the journey.

o Once you have found your teacher, treat them with reverence and respect…honor and humility. Listen, Learn and Integrate what you are offered.

o Learn with and attitude of thanksgiving for the gifts your teachers bestow. Walk with the Attitude of Gratitude.

o As you implement your plans, programs and preparations, do so with the best interests of the most sacred of those here in these Cathedrals of Commerce…our clients, customers and consumers…for it is they who will provide your success…or failure. When your needs and desires begin to outweigh theirs, your downfall will begin.

o Share what you have learned with others. Lend a helping hand whenever possible. Watch for newcomers and give guidance to a new generation when you can.

So the Silver Bullet of CyberSuccess… it’s out there for you if you listen!

David Rodwell

Source by David Rodwell

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