Sponsor 3 People Into Your Fluhme Home Business Within 7 Days

Fluhme may be the perfect business for you to start if you enjoy working with and selling cosmetics and beauty supplies.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pa., Fluhme is a nationwide company of Beauty Artists who operate as independent business owners marketing the Fluhme product line.

As beauty consultants, Fluhme Beauty Artists will have access to a variety of beauty products, plus training opportunities on how to share your product and opportunity with others. Fluhme’s stated mission is to secure “a place in history as the premier cosmetic company of the 21st century.”

Like most home business opportunities, starting a Fluhme cosmetics business is easy, but making money with it will require work. You will need to master their product line, and develop leads for your product and opportunity.

The foundation for success in Fluhme is based on the home party marketing model. That means you will need to host or participate in home parties at least once a week-preferably two to three.

Recognizing that Fluhme relies on the home party business model, get with your Beauty Artist sponsor and schedule a party immediately. Based on my experience in the home business industry, this is what you can expect:

– Approximately half of the people you invite will not show up.

– At least 20-40% of the people who attend will make a purchase.

– And, approximately 10% of the people who attend will ask to become a Beauty Artist.

If your goal is to sponsor three people into your business within your first week, you may need to have at least 30 people attend your parties, which further means you will need to extend 60 invitations. Of course, for most of us this is not a realistic number in such a short timeframe, but if you are motivated to succeed in your Fuhlme home business, and you have made a deliberate effort to complete a contacts list, identifying 60 people to invite to a party is not impossible.

Be sure to keep your parties fun and relaxed, with no pressure to join or purchase product. Fuhlme offers a quality line of cosmetics and beauty products, which makes it easy to sell using what is known as a “sample and sell” technique. Any guest at your party that sees how easy it is to host a party and share product samples will be anxious to give the business a try and join your team.

Source by Ron Taylor

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