How to Build a Sustainable Personal Training Business

Anyone who has had exposure to the personal training industry will understand the industries unpredictability. Income is dependent on clients and clients are not always able to train due to a number of factors. Sickness, fluctuations in income and social appointments are a few of the many reasons why training is postponed or canceled. When creating your personal training business you need to take this unpredictability into consideration. Your business should not rely on everyone training each week. You need to book up your schedule completely so if a few clients can not train you still have a very decent income.

In order to obtain and maintain a full schedule of clients you must first outline a series of strategies. In the personal training industry, even more than most other industries, it is essential that you keep your clients happy. Once attracting your initial clients through basic marketing strategies such as leaflet drops or the internet, systems must be implemented so that your initial clients stay and recommend their friends. Experience would suggest that clients will stay training with you for five main reasons. These being:

1. The extra effort you put in to ensuring they achieve their goals

2. Your education and thus the quality of advice you give them.

3. The variety of exercises that you are able to produce during sessions

4. Extrinsic rewards in the forms of shirts, caps, water bottles etc. (all branded) given in recognition of their commitment to your training.

5. The community atmosphere created through your internet site, group exercise days etc.

Further the key to most flourishing personal training businesses appears to be the trust and commitment that a client makes with a trainer and the trainer makes with their client. If this trust and in many cases friendship is not apparent than there is no rapport and clients will stray searching for more. As a trainer you need to be able to adapt to the needs of a large variety of people. Some people want to push their limits, some want to achieve very personal goals and some just want general weight loss and fitness. Each of these people though has one common desire and that is assistance in the form of knowledge and motivation from their trainer. Provide this continuously and your business will be a success.

Personal training is just that; a very personal thing. Clients need to feel comfortable and satisfied that their trainer is doing the very best job they can to achieve their goals. There is no substitute for quality and if you are rushing through a personal training course in order to earn a quick dollar you may consider redirecting your ambition. Keep your clients happy and the rest of the business will look after itself.

Source by Richard J Holt

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