Creative Ideas For Healthy Kids Snacks

We all have had those urges to pig out on junk food every once and a while. Also, we’ve all been kids before. I know the shear thought of me trying to eat healthy was enough to make my stomach do backflips (eww).

So how can we realistically expect our kids to eat healthy foods and enjoy it? I mean you’d have better luck sneezing with your eyes open (trust me, it’s harder than it sounds).

If you want to clear a room full of kids, yell, ” WHO WANTS VEGGIES”! Although this task is a little difficult it is something we have to take into deep consideration since we want our kids to grow up healthy and prosper.

Furthermore we know that when you mature and grow up, what you eat effects your mood and overall attitude in life. That’s why it’s really important to instill good nutritional values in your small ones early on in life.

One thing I like to do is get the kids involved in making meals. After putting your own foot into it (so to speak) your kids are much more eager to have a bit of whatever meal was made. Even the smallest steps such as mixing or putting ingredients in makes your little one feel involved. This also teaches them in the future to rely on making something that’s familiar to them.

Don’t try to convert your kid to a vegan lifestyle overnight. Prepare somewhat of a typical meal and make small alterations and incorporate something new and healthy. This way you’re not springing it all on them at once. Little by little you continue to bring in healthier substitutes for unhealthy dishes.

Lead by example. Now, growing up we’ve all heard our parents say “Do what I tell you to because I told you to” Nothing can drive your kids to doing the exact opposite faster. Especially when we’re talking about eating habits. You can tell your kids to do right 100 times but them seeing you do right, there’s no words that can topple the difference that makes. In other words don’t pig out and expect the kids to be ecstatic about fruits and veggies for snacks.

Now if all else fails this won’t. Involve a prize. While I wouldn’t recommend this being daily, especially if the prize is food, but once a week or every few days give the young one(s) treats for their good eating efforts. It makes it even better if it’s a favorite that’s not often served. Nothing beats the what’s in it for me approach as I always say. I hope you enjoyed this article as much as have. Have an awesome day!

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