Prescription Sunglasses for Everyone!

There was once a time when only the very rich or famous could get cool designer sunglass frames with prescription lenses. It used to be the average joe had no option but to wear the plain off the shelf no name frames for their sunglasses or mortgage their home in the hopes that their local optometrist could file a pair of lenses to fit the flat lens sunglass frames you brought them.

Today that is all changed and now anyone with a valid prescription anyone can get a custom pair of action sports or designer name wrap sunglasses with their own prescriptions built to fit.

Give thanks to technology!

With today improvements in eyeglass lens making technology, lens manufactures can not only make lens shapes to fit your designer sunglass frame but they can also accommodate the tricky curved sunglasses that were impossible to get with even a simple prescription a few years ago.

Top brands too!

Just about all the leading sunglass brands have a prescription service plan or can have custom lenses cut to order. Top names like Oakely, Spy, Arnette, Gatorz and many more…

How do I get mine?

You will need a current fill able prescription from your eye doctor that includes your papillary distance. A connection to the internet and access to a fax machine. Once you have all that you can then visit a specialty prescription sunglass retailer, like, to pick out your frame and place your order. After you have completed check out you will need to fax the retailer a copy of your Rx prescription in order to complete the transaction. Prescription sunglasses are each custom made and take 3 – 4 weeks to receive.

Cool and Affordable!

So break free of those generic eyeglasses and step out with a very cool pair of designer or brand name frames that are custom built for you. Prescription sunglasses are easy to order, affordable and above all very cool!

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