Be A Cinderella With Contact Lenses

You’ve seen in the movies and videos, how the raggedy girl becomes a princess just by the touch of a makeover. More recently, the reality show “Beauty and the Geek” showcases the men wearing bulky eyeglasses. With contact lenses, a set of new clothes and a cool hairstyle, the men are transformed into hunks. That’s what contact lenses initially offer – the confidence of looking good outside. But aside from their aesthetic quality, they serve a more important purpose. Contact lenses are used for correcting vision or aiding poor vision without the bulky eyewear to deal with. But are contact lenses for you? If you like to change your eye color, lenses are a safe and fun way to do that. If you lead a very active lifestyle and find eyewear a hassle, you can get contact lenses according to your needs. If you are afraid to go under corrective laser eye surgery, the best alternative is lenses. So what’s the first step? Just like getting your eyeglasses, contact lenses need a prescription. It is advisable to visit your ophthalmologist or optometrist. You have to do this even if you do not have vision problems and only want something for show. Why? This is because contact lenses are considered medical devices requiring the approval of an eye doctor. In the United States, buying lenses needs a prescription. This is done to prevent any damage to your healthy eyes and ensures a safe use of the product. Those most users have no risk in using prescribed contact lenses; there are a few who may have a bad reaction to it. That is why people must consult a doctor before wearing lenses bought from the counter. Wearing contact lenses can be tricky especially for new users. Here are a few tips on using your contact lenses: 1. Do not wear contact lenses longer than what was prescribed. There are lenses that last up to seven days without needing to be removed or cleaned. The disposable ones are what you should be worried about. 2. Regularly make a cleaning of your contact lenses. You may have a blurred vision if you do not keep your lenses clean. 3. If eyes become red or irritated, take off your contact lenses and visit your eye doctor immediately. 4. Do not swap contact lenses with anyone. Your lenses are unique to your alone and even if you find one that matches your prescription; you expose yourself to bacteria from the other user. 5. Use only FDA approved lenses. When something goes wrong with the product, you are protected by law and can sue the company. Remember that lenses still have to be cleaned. A proper routine is the key to extending the life of your contact lenses. Use the CRD – cleanse, rinse and disinfect the lenses after removal and before you put them on. The basic solution sometimes cannot handle the dirt on the lenses. As a part of this routine, wash your hands with soap and rinse it well before handling your lenses. Dirt is transferable. Contact lens solutions are there to help maintain the eyewear so try to be as fastidious about using it. Never use saliva on your lenses. Wearing contact lenses need not be a hard for you. The lenses provide you with ease and the luxury of being a nerd looking like one. Princes or not, when you have lenses around it certainly makes a difference.

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