Myopia – The Hidden Truth

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About Our Eyesight

Billions of people worldwide are affected by a shortsightedness condition known as Myopia. If you wear glasses, you may even be one of those who are affected by it, just like the majority of your relatives and friends. This type of illness is common during these present times. Still, we continue to receive prescriptions for higher-grade glasses each time we visit our optometrist.

It seems strange that a pair of glasses is the only known cure for Myopia. Doesn’t it worsen this condition? Science has yet to discover the origin of this disease and the most effective way to cure it. The truth is, there is much more information about this mysterious condition than we are lead to believe.

According to British Journal of Ophthalmology, ophthalmologists should realize and accept the challenge of finding a cure for Myopia by looking into its root cause, rather than just treating the consequences.

What do they mean about looking into the root cause? Do they know what causes this?

The cause is, actually, known. Many people know the causes of Myopia and the things that make it worse. However, it is unfortunate that acting on this information could affect the profits of an industry that makes billions of dollars every year.

Over the past 4 decades, studies from different institutions have been published to show the causes of Myopia. These institutions include the following: National Eye Institute, American Optometric Foundation and major universities’ medical research departments.

Through a fast Google search, we can discover these findings that have not been documented in the traditional media. They are also not included in the treatments offered by the local optic shops.

We know exactly the causes of Myopia

However, the cure for this illness could wipe out a majority of those involved in the optometry field, such as the entire LASIK business and billion dollar manufacturers. This can result to numerous malpractice suits against existing practitioners.

Is it not in the interest of the vision care industry to show the prevention and cure for eyesight illnesses like Myopia?

Just the same, advertising supports media. Who would like to publish articles that will make paying customers mad at them?

Actually, to share a little secret, there is nothing to hide. What the industry needs to do is go on making money, giving donations to universities, purchasing ads from main media outlets and providing education to optometrists.

All along, you can find the truth by performing a Google Search. “Minus Lenses” is a term that refers to the glasses that you wear to see more clearly from a distance. “Myopia” is a term for nearsightedness. “Axial elongation” is a common cause of high Myopia.

Since you know the right combination of keywords to perform your search, you will know what caused your existing eye condition.

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