Some Pointers on Eyeglass Frames for Men

Over the years, the designs for men’s glasses have changed as much as those for women’s have. While there are classic styles, modern designs are also increasing in number, like the thick solid black frames or the thin rimless glasses. Glasses frames for men have been designed to complement the facial features of the wearer. There are basic things to be remembered when you are at an eyewear shop and looking for a new pair of glasses.

Have your eyes checked first.

If this is the first time you have decided to wear eyeglasses because you found yourself squinting the last time you read the newsflash on the TV screen, then you should see an optometrist. An optometrist is a specialist who examines vision defects and prescribes the right lenses. During the test, you will be asked to look at a chart of numbers and letters of different sizes (Snellen Chart). You will also be asked to look through a machine that detects the refractive problems of your eyes.

Optometrists cannot prescribe spectacles until you complete the eye exam. Even if you have had an eye examination in the past, you may need to take another one the next time you replace your prescription glasses to see if your eyesight has improved.

Look at different frames.

While you are free to choose whatever style you like, you can always ask someone else’s opinion. You can also try different frames and see if you like your reflection in the mirror.

There are different types of frames and they come in diverse colors as well. Glasses frames for men usually come in black, grey, brown, or blue. Black is probably a safe color choice, because it could match anything you’re wearing.

The frames also vary in their thickness. Thick frames give you a stark look, and they may also be heavier, while thin frames can make you look more professional. Be careful with the kinds you choose because some will complement your facial features, while others will make you look funny.

Frames come in different shapes too. The shape of the lenses depends on the shape of the rims. Choose the right shape based on your facial features. Those with a square facial shape should try round or oval glasses. Those with round faces should try glasses with rectangular rims. Ask your optometrist or optician about it.

Rimless Spectacles

Rimless glasses have become popular now to give that simple look. They are the choices of many stylish men and women. The problem with rimless glasses is that the screws holding the lens may become loose after some time, which means you will need to go to the shop and have your glasses fixed.

You may also opt for semi-rimless frames, which are actually great for people with triangular faces. If you choose rimless or semi-rimless glasses, check the edges of the lenses. Make sure they are cut well and the edges are well polished.


Once you get your spectacles, try them right away. See if the lenses have improved your vision. Another common complaint with frames is that they are too tight. If your glasses’ frames press against your temples, go back to the eyewear shop and have them adjusted.

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