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Optometrists are those who are in a line of work that concerns with the eyes including the vision of the eyes, visual systems. They are the ones who prescribe your glasses, treat eye diseases and vision problems. Although they are not allowed to perform surgery, they are the ones who offer pre or post surgical care to the patients. A total of seven years of education is required for an optometrist, three years of college/university then four years of optometry school. Next they must pass the board examinations, after that they are now a legal optometrist.

There are many good Australian Optometrists; you can find them almost in any state. St Kilda Eye care for example in St Kilda Melbourne VIC is a good choice. They offer high-class eye care services such as expert clinical skills, the latest technological lenses, contacts, and as well as frames. Their optometrists are Dr Vicky Tranis and Dr Elizabeth Vidor. They can be found on the Acland Court Shopping Centre in Acland St.

The Eye Practice in Sydney NSW is an excellent option with over five decades of combined experience and provides latest technological features and eye health care tips. Found in 44 Market St, the Mezzanine level, the Optometrists are Matthew Wells, Jim Kokkinakis, and Daniel Cornelius. These Australian Optometrists strive to give the patient their needs and provide them their money’s worth.

If you are located in Adelaide SA, you can check out the North Terrace Optometrists. With services including comprehensive eye examinations, childrens’ vision evaluation and even a two year warranty on frame products. They also offer a wide range of fashionable glasses and contact lenses. With good optometrists like Dr Kevin Rooney, and Dr Mark Parsons, you can be at ease and faithful to them as they provide you quality care you can count on.

A Family Optometry in the Sunshine Coast QLD has good feedbacks according to costumers. The Fitzpatrick Optometrist has more than 25 years of experience with being also a member of the Optometrists Association Australia. Their diagnostic equipments are of the world class quality and to the highest standards. With a family optometrist and to top that off are top pros on their career, Geoff Fitzpatrick, Debbie Fitzpatrick, and Scott Fitzpatrick can deliver the results with a swift and convincing effect.

Far along the west side, Vision West in Karrinnyup WA is a well established optometry clinic since 1984. They have been giving outstanding services to their costumers both children and adults. With chief optometrists John Palassis and Elissa Campbell, they give their patients with cutting edge technology products as well as optical advices. They also offer Orthokeratology or Ortho-K, which is the use of contact lenses to reform the cornea so that it can reduce the levels of myopia as well as astigmatism.

These Australian Optometrists clinics are only a few of the excellent choices you are given. There are far many optometrists that give high quality services. It is up to you to choose and research these clinics before you go to them.

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