Quitting Smoking And Black Swans

The Author Nicholas Taleb wrote the book “The Black Swan”. He is an expert in predicting major and usually bad events in financial markets.

The thing about black swan events is that they are unexpected, but when viewed in hindsight there is usually a trail of clues leading up to the time of disaster. The problem is that most often these clues are ignored.

Whether any smoker will have a black swan moment such as being diagnosed with a terminal illness is unknown, but probable.

There are clues all along the way. The most obvious is that a smoker smokes! Sounds obvious but if that was a powerful enough clue then who would smoke?

A cough which becomes frequent and perhaps gets worse is another black swan waiting to fly in. Clients have said to me that their cough is annoying and it’s because the smoke irritates their lungs. They expect this to disappear when they quit.

Fortunately for most of them they are right, but cigarette smoke isn’t just an irritant, the toxins in the smoke are directly impacting the cells in the walls of the lungs and most of these toxins easily are transported into the blood stream for efficient delivery into every other cell of the body including.

Another is premature aging of your skin, most obvious on the face and most noticed by women. If you stop to think for a while as to why your skin is aging and how many problems need to be occurring in your body for this to happen then it would absolutely be a clue.

It’s not like the obvious damage from too much sun exposure. This is happening from the inside out as a result of inhaling toxic chemicals.

Low energy and getting tired easily are more clues. So what is happening here? Basically the smoke is reducing the amount of oxygen you can carry in your blood to fuel muscles.

So you walk up a flight of stairs, you start to puff harder. This is your heart making you breath faster, to try to get enough oxygen to drive your legs up the stairs. This places a big stress on your heart.

Here are a few clues, and when they add up your body is the equivalent of the next impending financial crash on Wall Street. But most financial crashes can’t be stopped but you can pluck the feathers out of your black swan and protect your most important asset… you.

Source by Ian Newton

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