Quitting Smoking – What If Cigarettes Were Invented Today?

I imagine an inventor’s television programme where one of the contestants has invented a new thing called the cigarette.

“So what is it made from?” It’s a plant called tobacco which is dried and processed with a variety of chemicals.

“How many chemicals” After it burns about 4000 chemicals most of which are highly toxic and over 200 can enter the brain.

“Is it safe?” People like it!

“How do you use it?” It is rolled in paper with a filter on the end to make it healthy, you light it and suck the smoke into your lungs.

“What happens to the smoke?” Most of it harmlessly is breathed out.

“Most of it” – Some enters the blood stream and travels to the heart, liver kidneys, brain and every cell in the body.

“Doesn’t it make smokers sick?” Not all, most just age quickly and are short of breath, but some get lung cancer, throat cancer or emphysema.

“Is it expensive?” Not compared to buying a house most will only spend about $5000-$7000 a year.

“Does it smell OK?” Sure just like plant material and paper burning.

“Can you smoke anywhere?” Almost, except in restaurants, cafes, most businesses, near schools and in a car if you are carrying children, and public places.

“So the smoke is bad for children?” Well, only if they breathe it in, then they will probably suffer like an adult.

“Does anyone really like smoking?” Sure governments who apply heavy taxes and the retailers and manufacturers, and a few people who enjoy that burnt taste.

OK, I could keep going, it sounds like an episode of “Yes Minister” but no one in their wildest dreams could imagine such a product ever being allowed on the market, everyone involved would be immediately sued.

How do you feel when you read this, maybe you are over it but still doing it, maybe you like doing it, but are worried about the consequences, or maybe you are already suffering but are still smoking because of anxiety.

It doesn’t matter because with hypnosis all that is required is that you are fully committed to quitting and to your well being and your future.

You may think that cigarettes taste like gourmet chocolate; it doesn’t matter as long as you are 100% ready to quit.

After all lots of tasty things make us sick and fat so it’s not unusual to give up things we like.

Source by Ian Newton

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