The Capture of Saddam: Great News for Americans and Iraqis, Bad News for the Liberals and the Main Stream News Media !

The recent capture of Saddam Hussein by the U.S. Military was great news for the American and Iraqi people. Across our nation the news of his capture was met with hoops, hollers, and smiles. The news was especially good for Iraqi Americans. Cheers went up at the New York Jets- Pittsburgh Steelers game on that Sunday, after President Bush’s announcement was broadcast over the stadium loud speakers. Arab Americans were dancing in the streets, celebrating, waving American and Iraqi flags. What a great day for the Iraqi people and what a great day for America and the U.S. Military!

The Iraqi newspapers reacted with joy and relief to the news of Saddam’s capturer, one of the publications printing Iraq was a “Nation swimming in Sunshine”.

The main stream news media in America apparently didn’t have the same enthusiasm as it’s Iraqi counterparts. A Washington Post reporter stated on NBC Meet the Press. “The one thing to remember is that, even though we’ve got Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden is still out there.” A New York Times reporter wrote that Hussein’s capture was a Bush Vendetta. Today Show host Katie Couric called Saddams capture mostly symbolic. A Boston Globe reporter whined that Saddams capture “changes nothing”. A Jordanian newspaper, Al-Rai Daily, even tried to blame a 70 year old woman’s death on the capture of Saddam Hussein, stating that the woman was so overcome with sadness that she died of a heart attack. (Give me a break)

Of course you had the mixed message statements of the No Clue Nine (democratic nomination candidates) mostly stating that Saddam’s capture was a good thing BUT… . You had Rep. Baghdad Jim Mc Dermott who stated that he believes that the Bush administration knew all along where Saddam was and waited until now to get him to gain political points. Not to be outdone by a fellow democrat, former secretary of State under the Clinton administration, Madeline Aldim, oops I mean Albright, suggested to Roll Call Editor Mort kondracke, that the Bush administration may have already caught Osama Bin Laden and was waiting until next October to release the information as an ‘October Surprise’.

Lets not forget the human rights groups and the International Red Cross who are demanding to see Saddam Hussein and stating concern for his treatment and his condition. Where were these groups when Saddam was raping, torturing, and using chemical and biological weapons on the Iraqi people. They showed little or no concern for innocent victims of a tyrannical madman, yet they snivel and whine about the same madman who has now been captured and will pay for his crimes after a trial.
Forgive me if I don’t share the same concern. Saddam is being treated well by his coalition captors, something that I’m sure would not have happened if the roles were reversed, and where would the Red Cross and the Human Rights groups be then?

Our troops did a great job in capturing Hussein. President Bush has now fufilled another promise that he made to the Iraqi and American people, the capture of Saddam Hussein. The No Clue Nine, the main stream news media, and the liberals have lost yet another issue that they bring up all the time, “Where is Saddam Hussein”?

He’s in Baghdad, in U.S. Military custody, look out Osama, you’re next!

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