Quitting Smoking – Over And Over Again

I wonder how many smokers reading this have lost count of how many times they have quit smoking. The old joke goes something like “I’ve quit smoking hundreds of times, I do it every Monday”

The problem is that each time most lose a little more confidence with each failed attempt and soon there is little belief left at all, so the next attempt is made with little expectation of success and usually this fails as well.

If you keep doing the same things nothing is likely to change, so in order to quit for good a better approach is needed.

Quitting smoking needs a comprehensive approach. Years of helping people to quit, has led me to know that a certain combination works best.

Specialised hypnosis gets to the seat of the problem. That is your sub conscious mind, the place where all your fixed beliefs are held and your successes and failures are created.

The can make all the decisions you want and shout them from the roof tops but if your subconscious fights you then it will be a losing battle.

This is why cold turkey has such a low success rate whether it be for quitting smoking, losing weight or any significant change.

Do-able stress management, you cannot just remove cigarettes and leave a void, there has to be a way to keep your stress at a manageable level. But you have to firstly value stress management and secondly put a bit of time and effort into it to keep your life under control.

The last thing you need is a series of action strategies to use in place of a cigarette in case of emergencies.

It could be as simple as sipping on a water bottle to replace the action of sucking on a cigarette.

Taking a few deep breaths if you are stressed or have a thought about a cigarette, stand on your head if you have to, but decide in advance exactly what you will do in such a situation.

It’s no good waiting until you a looking for a smoke to decide what you are going to do, planning is essential.

By combining these three strategies you will have everything in place to successfully quit smoking, if you are committed to your own well being you will win no matter how many times you have tried and failed. Just don’t give up, you are worth it.

Source by Ian Newton

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