Quitting Smoking – Why Hypnosis Is Your Best Option

There are lots of good research reasons why hypnosis is your best quit smoking option, such as a meta study of 600 studies showing that hypnosis is 15 times as successful as cold turkey and three times better than nicotine replacement therapy.

But there are even better reasons for using hypnosis. And the best of all reasons is that you are a human being and most of your smoking reasons are human reasons not some brain addiction.

I’m sure you realise that most of your daily cigarettes are related to people, places, times and events.

You relax on your outdoors veranda and you light up, not because you are suddenly deficient in nicotine but because you have a smoking association with your veranda, and most likely a specific chair.

You walk outside and sit in that chair so it follows that you will smoke, because that is exactly what you have done numerous times before.

If you were to analyse your daily smoking habits you would realise that most of your cigarettes are connected to something else.

Research shows that the perfect way to create a new habit is to link the desired habit to another common activity. Over time we establish new habits.

Your smoking is exactly the same. You smoke when on the phone, or driving or with a coffee or a glass of wine etc

All of these are just habits which have been re-enforced countless times until it feels like you can’t do these things without a cigarette, and this is why it feels so difficult to quit smoking.

Hypnosis goes to the heart of these kinds of habits. The difference is that while it takes some time to make your smoking connections or even a positive habit stick, hypnosis will allow you to let go of those smoking habits usually in one or two sessions.

The best news is that hypnosis is stress free and pain free. The only requirement is that you want to make the required change and that you commit yourself fully to the process.

After you have quit smoking there may be a short period when doing your regular things feels a little odd without smoking. But just remember that every day you are a non-smoker you are re-enforcing new habits, such as sitting on your veranda without a cigarette, maybe a cup of tea or a beer.

To make that easier it could pay to sit in a different chair, while this may seem trivial, being creatures of habit little things can make all the difference.

Source by Ian Newton

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