Important Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Smoking-Related Fire

Who doesn’t know smoking cigarettes or other smoking material is bad for you? Even though the focus of lung and heart health is correct, some fail to realize that smoking is a genuine fire hazard for home owners, renters, business operators and more as well. Smoking is the scrooge responsible for the majority of house and other structure fires. It is also the number one trigger of wild and forest fires. Fires caused by smokers result in devastating damages and losses – including tragic and irreplaceable loss of life.

Home insurance professionals remind policyholders that although there is coverage for fire accidents resulting from smoking, losses will generally not be completely compensated for after a related claim has been filed.

The best way to reduce the risks of a fire associated with smoking is to take the following easy course of action brought to you by the insurance industry.

8 Ways Smokers can Reduce the Risk of Property Fire

• Never-ever smoke while resting in bed. If you fall asleep. Studies indicate that many people fall asleep with the cigarette in hand, leading to fire spreading from the sheets, mattress and bed onto the entire home.

• Don’t light up after swallowing medicine with warnings about drowsiness occurring. You can find yourself in the same situation as the smoker in bed that drifts off and starts a fire. Always extinguish your cigarette before discarding it. Live embers can easily spark a fire.

• Do not clear out ashtrays that have recently been used into a garbage receptacle where things can easily spark into a full-fledged fire. Used-cigarettes, the hot ash emanating from them and matches used to light up can be the dangerous catalyst for fire once they come in contact with combustible matter.

• Be aware of your surroundings and when smoking do not go near incendiary places like gas stations – or items that can spark easily, such as gas, paints, aerosol cans, paper reading material and easy-to-explode medical oxygen tanks.

• Never place an ashtray next to flammable things or upon a window where the wind can blow its contents about, setting the stage for a fire.

• When outside, always dispose of your cigarettes and smoking material properly into a wide ashtray, receptacle containing water or sand.

• Be extremely careful to put cigarettes and related smoking material out of the way so that children cannot get their hands on them.

For information about home, property and fire insurance, speak to an experienced insurance agency.

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