The right Internet marketing articles strategy is a game of links

It really should not be a secret but if you examine the successful blogs you will find that they have numerous links that lead traffic back to them. Admittedly the higher traffic the sites with links leading back to them, the higher the traffic they will tend to enjoy.

The Internet Marketing strategy that lifted blogs to the top
Blogs have taken off by having numerous links linking to each other back and forth. Because of the usually conversational and informal nature of blogs, it is usually much easier to create links to one another. Easier than it is with websites. This is the reason why an increasingly popular Internet marketing strategy used by many websites is to create a blog or several blogs and then create links on those blogs to drive traffic to their main websites. Using this amazing Internet marketing strategy, many webmasters are cashing in on the popularity and higher traffic enjoyed by blogs.

This is an important Internet marketing strategy to bear in mind when using articles. It simply means that the more quality links you have leading to your site or blog, the higher traffic you will enjoy.

How to use this Internet Marketing Strategy in your articles campaign
So how does somebody increase the number of links to their site or what is the most effective internet marketing strategy for increasing links to a site as fast as possible? The answer is simple. The more the articles you write and post, the more links you create to your site. The faster you write the articles, the faster the links will grew. There is of course another factor in this internet marketing strategy that will have a greater impact in the long term. And that is the quality of your articles. The better their quality and the more informative they are, the more they will tend to get reposted and the more rapid the viral effect that will spread quality links to your site all over the net.

Actually there is no comparison between the effectiveness of links you build up yourself by posting individual articles and the links created by the viral effect of your articles spreading all over the net. The latter is much more powerful and will give you links in numbers that you would not possibly hope to post by yourself – not in the next 100 years. Even when you use special software for rapidly and automatically posting your article ( I don’t recommend this for various reasons, one being the dangers of your article being posted in a site where it is labeled Spam because of it’s irrelevancy. This actually happened to me once. I can assure you it is not a pleasant experience at all. In fact it can quickly wipe out all your good painstaking work of many years in one single click.)

Still the more the number of articles you churn out and post on a daily basis, the quicker your traffic will build up. It is a simple math reality that I have proved on my sites time and again, and it is a very powerful articles Internet marketing strategy that still works.

This Internet Marketing Strategy Will also help in Search Engine Optimization
Using articles to implement this Internet marketing strategy will also have an impact in your search engine rankings. Whatever system used for rankings at whatever search engine, and no matter home many times they keep on changing their policies, one thing remains important. And that is the number of links leading to your site.

Therefore consistently practicing this Internet marketing strategy is a search engine optimization strategy that will dramatically improve your ranking with search engines over time. That is how powerful this Internet marketing strategy is.

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