What is the Vinegar and Honey Diet and How Does it Work?

What is the vinegar and honey diet? This mixture of a teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar and pure honey dissolved in water taken twice daily is a home remedy for many ailments. Studies have proven that this mixture breaks down acid in our bloodstream making it easier to fight off infections.

Due to our often high fat diets our bloodstream starts to become acid producing. Apple cider vinegar although very acidic, after digestion it helps PH levels become more alkaline. Having more alkaline puts the body in a better position to fight off germs and ailments.

Apple cider vinegar alone can correct the excess acid in our bodies but it tastes terrible. That is why the honey was added to make the diet mixture easier to swallow. The drink will start to taste better as your body becomes more alkaline and less acidic. It contains a compound which slows up the growth of bacteria, allowing the skin heal quicker.

Some ailments that could be cured by this treatment include obesity, heartburn, arthritis, premature aging, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Honey curbs the appetite and vinegar has the ability to burn fat. Although there are pros and cons about using this mixture to lose weight the other benefits are worth giving it a try.

Medical studies have shown that people who use this home remedy have noticed considerable improvement in joint pain and acid reflux. This diet is not just another fad diet ancient civilizations understood the benefits of vinegar and honey for curing many ailments. The more alkaline you have in your system the better the chance you have of breaking up calcium deposits. That can lead to easing the pain suffered by arthritis patients.

Doctors are recommending an alkaline diet to patients who suffer from lack of energy, nasal congestion, frequent colds and flu, anxiety, nervousness, headaches and certain types of cysts. The alkaline rich foods are the healthy foods we have known about all our lives. Fresh fruits and leafy vegetables lead the list, so a combination of this home remedy and eating the alkaline rich foods are going to make you a healthier person and probably help you lose weight in the process.

Natural honey contains many valuable enzymes and natural antibiotics. It is also rich in many minerals. It has been used for years for skin care. It is able to attract and rebuild moisture levels in the skin without making it oily.

Eating honey in its most natural form will ensure you get the most benefit from it. Pasteurization destroys it value as a bacteria fighting food. It is known to instantly boost energy levels in our bodies. Try eating some before you go to your workout and see if you don’t find it easier to go the extra mile during your exercise routine.

The combination of these two wonder foods makes it no secret as to why you should try the vinegar and honey diet. It makes sense that by balancing the alkaline in our bodies can only bring benefits to our overall health. If we can cure some of our ailments naturally and not have to worry about the side effects and cost of taking prescription drugs then trying this diet sounds like a great idea.

What Are The Benefits of The Vinegar And Honey Diet?

What are the benefits of the vinegar and honey diet? Well first you probably need to know what the diet is. It is an all natural home remedy of apple cider vinegar and pure honey. Dissolve a teaspoon of each in a glass of water and drink it at least two times a day before meals. It is known to decompose acids in the bloodstream. This in turn helps our bodies battle infections more efficiently.

Our society’s today tend to eat diets high in fats and processed foods. This has caused acid build-up in our bloodstreams. Apple cider vinegar has been proven to balance the PH levels making them more alkaline. Alkaline puts our bodies in balance and stronger to fight germs and reduce ailments.

Vinegar is capable of diminishing excess acid by itself, however trying to swallow it by itself is not an easy task. It has a horrible taste so honey was added to the diet to help make it more appealing to take everyday. As the alkaline levels become greater in your system, the drink will be easier to tolerate. Vinegar also contains phosphorous which fights against bacteria enabling stomach ulcers, sores and wounds to heal faster because of this defence.

Ailments known to be treatable by this mixture are obesity, heartburn, arthritis, premature aging, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The two ingredients are also known to curb appetites and burn fat. However, there are many who will argue that it does not promote weight lose but we know there are other benefits associated with it beyond a weight lose diet plan.

There have been cases of patients feeling less joint pain and acid reflux. For centuries people have known about the benefits of these two foods for different illnesses. Since we now know that alkaline can break up calcium deposits arthritis patients have found this home remedy an alternative to easing the pain of their condition.

A diet rich in alkaline foods is being suggested by doctors for patients with lack of energy, nasal congestion, colds, anxiety, nervousness and headaches. And of course these foods are the fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables, foods we have known for years to be the healthiest. The combination of this diet and a better eating regiment will make our immune systems stronger. It will also help us lose weight because one of the first rules of losing weight is to eat better foods.

There are also many benefits to eating natural honey. There are valuable enzymes, minerals and natural antibiotics it supplies to the body. It draws and promotes moisture levels into the skin without causing it to become oily. For this reason, it was part of the beautification process in ancient Egyptian times.

It should be eaten in its purest state from the honeycomb. The process of pasteurization causes it to lose its ability to fight bacteria. Honey can give you an instant energy boost. If you eat just a spoonful before exercising you will find that you get that extra kick to complete another routine at the gym.

So we can see that the benefits of the vinegar and honey diet are numerous. We need to understand the balancing of alkaline to acid in our bodies to take advantage of what this treatment can offer. Since there is a possible harmless self treatment that is cost effective there is no reason not to at least try the diet and see what benefits you experience from it.

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