How Vinegar Is Used To Diagnose Genital Warts

Often, when testing to see if bumps in the genital area may be genital warts, the doctor will put vinegar on the bumps. Vinegar is partly made up of acetic acid, and when it is applied to the penis or cervix, the warts turn white. To have a closer look at the warts after they have turned white, the doctor may use a colposcope, a tool with a powerful magnifying lens.

Genital warts are often impossible to see with the naked eye. This is why colposcopy is used. But, even when a colposcope is used, not all the white areas are necessarily genital warts. This is why vinegar alone is not always reliable in diagnosing genital warts. The doctor may have to do a biopsy if they are still uncertain about the bumps.

Vinegar is used in other ways as well. Some doctors use a test that includes vinegar, referred to as an acid wrap. This is a cloth or gauze strip that is left soaking in vinegar, which is partly made up of acetic acid. The cloth is then wrapped around the genital area of the patient for up to 10 minutes. The parts of the body that turn white are determined to be genital warts.

Vinegar has been a treatment in some folk traditions for genital warts. Some say that apple cider vinegar gets rid of genital warts. Each evening, before you go to bed, you are supposed to put a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and apply it to the warts. Then, you put a band-aid over it. When you wake up in the morning, you take off the band-aid and cotton ball. You are supposed to do this every day for a week, although in some cases it takes longer. If you have a weak immune system, or if the warts are particularly big or severe, you may have to do it for many weeks. Those who have more severe outbreaks can soak their genital warts directly in a vinegar solution once or twice a day.

The reason apple cider vinegar works is that it has malic and acetic acid, and these fight fungi, bacteria and viruses. The acids in vinegar work with the natural acids in your body to create a new compound that fights bacterias. This is why apple cider vinegar is often used for skin problems like rashes and bug bites.

If you decide to take treatment into your own hands, always talk to your doctor first so you know the risks. Some treatments that you can do at home can cause skin irritation, skin damage and other side effects, so it is important to know what you are doing.

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