Weight Loss With Apple Cider Vinegar – Extra Help to Fat Loss

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss. The first benefit of apple cider vinegar that makes it so valuable for achieving your weight loss goals is its ability to reduce the glycemic response of the foods you are consuming. The glycemic response or glycemic index refers to how fast a particular food will be absorbed into the body and how much that food will affect your bodies blood sugar levels or (cause an insulin spike).

High G.I foods are a major cause of weight loss problems, for example eating refined sugar containing products cause a huge spike in sugar levels in the body as well as a spike in insulin response. This means you will feel hungry much quicker and keep eating those high sugary, fat foods.

After all its not really our fault our bodies are predetermined to go after foods with high fat, sugar and salt content as from the beginning of time these qualities in food were most rare and most sought after. So next time you are eating something with a high glycemic index (e.g bread) have a glass of fruit juice with apple cider vinegar to help your body control its blood sugar levels.

Another great tip for lowering the G.I of bread is to first freeze the bread, and then toast it. A recent study was done showed that the G.I lowered around 30% making it a much healthy alternative to straight bread.

Always look for apple cider vinegar that is unfiltered and contains the beneficial bacteria (Mother) which will look like a smoky hazy substance at the bottom of the bottle.

Source by Norman Planck

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