Herbal Remedies To Beat Insomnia In An Effective And Safe Manner

Insomnia or sleeplessness is something that can affect nearly 25 percent of population. Signs of sleeplessness can differ from one person to another. Some might have difficulty in falling asleep, while some might have sleep disturbances. When this is the case of some people, some people feel excessive tiredness the next morning, even though, they felt as if they slept the previous night. When it comes to treatment to this problem, herbal remedies to beat insomnia can be the best bet as people with this problem can safely get out of the same.

Herbal remedy: When it comes to herbal remedies to beat insomnia, the safe remedies called as Aaram capsules are highly effective. The effectiveness of this herbal remedy is associated with the effective ingredients such as:


1. This is safe for long-term use.

2. It is a safe ingredient for stress-related conditions like irritability, anxiety and sleeplessness.

3. It will help in maintenance of daytime freshness and circadian rhythm.

4. Provides sleep-enhancing and sedative properties.

5. It can calm the mind by getting into the brain chemicals that communicates information between nerve cells in the brain.


1. This ingredient is known for its effectiveness in improving alertness during daytimes.

2. It will help in improvement of certain brain chemicals that are involved in memory, learning and thinking process and thus it will improve cognitive abilities.

3. It is widely acclaimed as potent mental tonic.

4. It also helps in bringing down unnatural age-related brain degeneration.

All these benefits made this herb as an ingredient in herbal remedies to beat insomnia.


1. This ingredient is mainly known for its ability in rejuvenating mind and body.

2. It will help with maintenance of healthy balance in nervous system, immune system and endocrine glands, thereby eliminating the effect of long-term stress in the human body.

3. Traditionally referred to as aphrodisiac, this ingredient improves sexual health, by improving energy levels, bringing down anxiety and uplifting mood.


1. This ingredient can work as a liver tonic and it can work as an excellent infection reliever.

2. It can address skin problems and so if these problems are disturbing the sleep, they will be addressed to induce good sleep.


1. This is an anti-hypertensive herb.

2. This activity is attributed to bring down the peripheral resistance and the resulting cardiac output.


1. This ingredient in herbal remedies to beat insomnia helps in strengthening the bones and it will help in prevention of condition of bone and infections.

2. It will help with strengthening the tissues and will also help in re-growth of broken tissues.


1. This ingredient is known for its sedative properties.

2. It will help with improving mood and it can bring down anxiety to induce good sleep.

There are many other ingredients like shankpushpi, arjun, gajwan, kesar, moti bhasma, jatamansi, etc. All these can work towards improving overall health and well-being.

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