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As we learned from Robert Allen in The One Minute Millionaire, purchasing an investment property offers up a number of advantages to the investor.

Interactive – For many people, investing in mutual funds is boring. Once the mutual fund has been purchased and the amount of the monthly investment decided, there is not a whole lot of work to be done. This is great for some people who are looking for a hassle free investment that is sure to give them a solid return over the long run. On the other hand, many people view investing as a hobby and want to be more actively involved in ensuring the success of the investment. Purchasing an investment property allows the investor the opportunity to become actively involved in the investment. Depending on the investment property there may be lots of hands on improvements and repairs that can be made over time. In this manner, purchasing and maintaining an investment property because an interactive experience. Those favoring investment properties over mutual funds will tell you they not only derive great returns from owning real estate, but they find the whole experience much more satisfying.

Rate of Return – Just like any investment, investment properties can just as easily fall in value as they can rise in value. There is no law that states the value of a real estate property must continually be on the rise. However, given this grain of salt it must also be noted that over the long term investment properties typically provide a similar rate of return as mutual funds. Thus, if you make long term investment in an investment property then you are likely to benefit from a comfortable appreciation in the value of the property.

Tax Benefits – There are a variety of tax benefits associated with an investment property. If you invest in real estate property you can make the most of deductions available related to interest paid on the properties. To learn how to structure your tax strategy and make the most of your investment property you should meet with a tax professional.

Regardless of how you decide to invest your savings, making the most of a financial plan and following it with discipline is the key to having a satisfying retirement. Robert Allen’s The One Minute Millionaire helps outline many great investment strategies, including how to make successful investments in an investment property .

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