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Money — now there’s a subject to pique anyone’s interest. Most of us are concerned about (1) earning money, (2) saving money, (3) ensuring ROI (Return on Investment) of our money, and/or (4) simply getting out of debt. With more Americans filing for bankruptcy than ever before, there’s room for improvement in how we amass, spend, and save our precious, hard-earned dollars. And this becomes even more crucial as we grow older, and see our productive earning years in the workplace winding down to few.

Those with Internet access can tap a wealth of helpful information. There are websites galore about all sorts of topics related to money. The one problem Gram has found is that, often, you have to be a financial wizard to figure it all out. But Gram recently partnered with Terry Rigg, Sr., of Budget Stretcher at In my view, Grandpa Terry IS a financial wizard. He publishes a monthly ezine, and offers a dandy ebook chockful of helpful ideas and advice about most every area of typical spending and saving — “Living Within Your Means – The Easy Way” for $10., plus several helpful free downloads. Also, he offers free assistance for a budget question on request, and his excellent budget analysis for $9.95 can put you on the right track where your finances are concerned.

As a real-life example, Grandpa Terry pointed out to Gram that what she owes on credit cards eclipses interest earned on her paltry 401K investment (and how! what with the craziness of the stock market these days). So why not pay off those credit cards pronto? This may well be one of those “can’t see the forest for the trees” situations — because Gram really hadn’t thought of that, a small thing that can add up to additional savings.

Again, visit Budget Stretcher at And while you’re there, please note the other “partners” near the bottom of the Budget Stretcher Home Page. You can spend a weekend of informal study at these helpful websites, and come away from your research with many new tools for controlling what happens to your money.

Other ezines Gram subscribes to that deal with the topic of saving money:
— The Dollar Stretcher, by Gary Foreman, archived articles at — to subscribe to the weekly ezine,
— The Pennypincher Ezine — send blank email to
— Thrifty Tips, a daily Monday-Friday — to subscribe, go to: hrifttips.html The motto of this ezine is “Pinch your pennies until Lincoln squeals.”

The SHARE Food Program, and the SHARE Pharmacy, are just two ways to stretch your money to the ‘savings’ point.
Imagine this: 3 different SHARE packages offered in one month.
(1) chicken breasts, 1 lb. deli roast beef, chicken thighs, meatballs, bar-b-que sauce, toaster bagels, potatoes, onions, and additional fruits and vegetables.
(2) turkey breast, boneless, ready to cook, 4 lb.; plus one 3-lb. boneless ham.
(3) Eight 6-oz. ribeye steaks.
Each package: $15. plus 2 hours community service.

At last count, there were 5,000 community organizations known as SHARE host sites in the U.S. alone, serving more than 175,000 each month. SHARE is an acronym for Self Help and Resource Exchange. You’re guaranteed at least $30 worth of food in each SHARE box. There are no income requirements to participate. You can even log your two hours of community service in the SHARE warehouse in your neighborhood, bagging oranges or onions or carrying a food box to an elderly person’s car. Not only that, but you’ll meet friendly, happy people who are all in the same frame of mind — saving money.

Call 1-619-544-2980 for a SHARE sponsor near you. Or go to:

SHARE Pharmacy was formed in December ’98, to offer low-cost prescription services. This is from the World SHARE website:
“Prescriptions are delivered by mail within 10-15 days to the patient’s door, a real bonus for those who have trouble getting out. For patients needing to transfer prescriptions, our friendly staff is here to help. If you know of anyone who is struggling to pay for their prescriptions medicines, please let them know of this fantastic program.”

Gram emailed for some prices on common medications: Accupril (for high blood pressure), 40 mg., 30 tablets – $33.; Lipitor (for cholesterol), 20 mg., 30 tablets – $85.99; Atenolol (a heart medicine), 50 mg., 60 tablets – $10.49 generic. These prices are for someone without insurance or Medicare.
Call 1-800-542-1110. Or email for fastest service:

These are both wonderful, non-profit programs that could grow even better if more people would take advantage of them.

Stephania is a human services professional who published “Tidbits from the Pantry,” a monthly ezine to over 10,000 subscribers. Visit her site at

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