Happiness Is Felt in the Moment, Not Something to Strive Towards

How many people do you know who are clearly discontented? Their body language shouts out the fact that they just aren’t happy with their lot; they talk about being happy when such and such finally happens. Do you feel this way yourself?

We live in a very pressurized world; a lot is expected of us and we expect a lot of ourselves. It seems that to not want “more” makes you stand apart from the norm and creates an additional fear of being left behind. It’s almost as if we all have to want more and more or else we are not aligned with the world around us.

Social approval is something which we all instinctively seek. We like to be liked; we need others to approve of us. And so even if you do not really want “more”, the fact that the majority of others around us do want more, means that we are pressurized to align with them so as to satisfy our own need for approval.

Wanting more is fine; there is nothing wrong with wanting more. This world is abundant in everything and there is no reason why we cannot all have everything which we might wish for. There is a proviso though; if your desire for “more” precludes you from feeling happy now, you will neither be happy nor easily achieve the abundance which you seek. If, on the other hand, you focus on the now and enjoy being happy in the moment the positive energy which you feel will naturally propel yourself forwards in the direction of abundance.

This is why happiness is something which is felt in the moment and not something which can ever be conditional upon outside influences and forces. As a friend commented the other day, you can find a great person to get into a relationship with, but they cannot make you happy; only you can feel happy within yourself. This is the real secret of happiness.

The desire for more, like the desire for perfection, has in fact got the inbuilt ability to erect a prison wall around you and stop you from doing anything at all or from being happy. I was chatting with another friend today who was recounting the tale of a friend of a friend, whose boyfriend has been out of work for over two years; the current reason provided for this state of affairs was that “he required more stimulation than he could find in the average job”. I’m sure you, like my friend and I, felt an immediate emotional reaction when you read this statement.

The fact is that an interesting person has the ability to find interest and stimulation even in the most mundane of activities or occupations. The tiniest things will prove to be fascinating to one who is interesting. People who are both interested and interesting (and the two do always go together) are fascinated by even the smallest of things and seek to understand the cycles of cause and effect which continually occur in the world around us. It is their ability to focus in the moment, and to enjoy being in the now, which leads them to find happiness almost all of the time. They are not looking for happiness; they are living a happy life.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads to promote happiness.

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