For a faster web: know the Performance Test: site health

For a faster web: know the Performance Test

For a faster web: know the Performance Test

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We have already spoken here on the blog about the importance of performance for digital products. In the mobile environment, slow websites and apps generate costs directly for the user – and for those who are hosting as well.

In general, slow platforms crush the potential results that a product has.

Non-sellers, unread blogs, and apps that do not generate conversions

We have seen in our day-to-day design, development and marketing projects that we should never give up on performance. Often bad performance is part of or has as a consequence a bigger problem.

But each case is different. As performance optimization actions generate costs, we need to have a keen eye to not indicate a possible about optimization .

In this course, the performance diagnostic tools were allied to us, and we ended up internally creating an internal site velocity monitoring tool, 100% developed by the Man Machine team.

Made for the digital industry

After months adjusting to the practical use – and creating new functionalities – we saw a product with the potential to generate value for our industry.

Free and directed to professionals and representatives of digital products, we launched the Performance Test.


Create your list of pages for monitoring and follow through here the results of actions directed to performance.

The performance history of a site can be related to iterations made in a period and to identify periods of instability and factors that directly affected the speed.

Indicators and punctuation

Solid methodologies begin at the research stage, and when it comes to performance, a diagnosis is needed to understand the causes of poor performance.

In a practical and user-friendly non-technical way, the test page features easy-to-understand indicators and scores that expose the reasons for poor performance. Find out if it’s a server problem, page weight, or code – and based on that, set your priority actions to correct slowness.

Alerts and reports

Receive a weekly report in your email with a summary of the score from your list of monitored pages. A convenient way to track site health and be notified in case of atypical falls in key indicators.

Performance Culture

It’s easier to measure and take care of speed – your reports will not be the same either. Be an early adopter of Performance Testing – test your website for free .

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