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“Search for simplicity in your life and you can discover the Kingdom of God within you”.


In Sacred Scripture Jesus tells us “The Kingdom of God is within you”. (Luke 17.21) How do we know it? We know this when we experience joy, not just happiness, but a feeling that transcends happiness. It is a feeling that comes from the heart when we know that God is with us. But what is the opposite of this?
San Paisios the agorita tells us that “when we have anxiety, feelings of guilt, then there is a part of hell within us”. When we are saddened by anxiety, we have left Heaven and immersed ourselves in hell. This is a common condition for many people today. Many drugs that you take regularly serve to lift us from this anxiety that is experienced in our daily life.
But we are also capable without medicine of feeling joy from all our activities in life. Still Saint Paisios states: “It is not difficult to obtain it, but unfortunately, selfishness prevents us from this spiritual magnificence”. What is needed to turn this anxiety into joy? The key according to Elder Paisios is “to allow God to govern our lives”. This implies the delivery of our ego to the Church, to Christ whose Church is his body.
In the Church we are guided through services, sacraments, teachings on prayer and ascetic practices such as fasting to overcome our ego center and become centered on Christ. But first we must choose to surrender to the teachings of the Church. We must pray often and for sure every morning and evening. We must follow the liturgical calendar and participate regularly in the sacraments, in particular at Holy Communion and Confession. We must fast and read the Holy Scriptures and the writings of the Holy Fathers. We must make Christ and participation in his Church an absolute priority in our lives as well as in the life of our whole family. The Scripture says: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you in addition.” (Matt 6.33)
Saint Paisios says: “People today have made their lives difficult, because they are not satisfied with some things, but they are constantly looking for more and more material goods. But those who would like to live a genuine spiritual life must first of all be satisfied with some things. When their life is simplified, without too many worries and annoyances, not only will they be freed from the spirit of the world, but they will also have plenty of time for spiritual things. Otherwise they get tired trying to follow the fashion of the times; they will lose their serenity and will only acquire great anxiety “.
Examine your life and look for all those things that are not necessary, which only complicate what might otherwise be simple enough.
San Paisios gives a very simple example of a man who asked him to come to his house. When he arrived, he noticed that the man took off his shoes and walked carefully on his toes. The saint asked him: “Why are you walking like this?” He replied: “No Elder, I walk carefully so as not to ruin the parquet.”
Do you see how easy it is to complicate our lives? We decorate, we clean, we strive to make money so that we can redecorate only to worry about maintaining an appearance. The same goes for our clothes, for our holidays and so on.
Where is the time for creative time … for reading, to look towards the sky wondering how far the sky is coming? We always organize everything and this complicates our lives, blocks us from joy making it more expensive from a financial point of view and more stressful to keep up with everything. Joy is replaced by results that are always just temporary happiness.
Search for simplicity in your life and you can discover the Kingdom of God within. (Cit.)

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