Arya Samaj Rajkot Mavdigam 006: the real meaning of happiness

Arya Samaj Rajkot Mavdigam 006

Arya Samaj Rajkot Mavdigam 006

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God – Nature, Qualities and Works

There is one and only one God. Different people call Him with different names. The real name of God is Om (Aum).

God is omnipresent. He is present at all places. He is present inside of our body and outside of our body. He is present inside of all living and non-living things and outside of them. He is present in the smallest thing as well as in the biggest thing. He is present in the mind and in the soul. He is present in the whole universe.

God is never born. He never dies. He has no beginning and no end. He is always living. He is free from aging process. He is fearless. He is flawless. He is free from happiness and misery. He is pure. He is kind. He is unique. There is no one like Him nor equal to Him. There is no one greater or bigger than Him. He is the greatest of all. He is the biggest of all. God creates, supports and runs the universe.

God is formless. He is always without a body. Therefore, there is no picture or statue of God. He cannot be sensed with 5 senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue or skin).God can not be even sensed with the help of a microscope.

However, there are occasions when we realize God’s existence and His actions. Occasions, when in utter disappointment, help arrives or an idea flashes into the mind, and the situation begins to improve. Also, thought of doing bad deeds brings feelings of fear, suspicion and shame; and thought of doing good deeds brings feelings of happiness, encouragement, excitement and fearlessness. All these feeling come from God.

God’s existence is also realized from His works. What a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful creation of the universe. The regular, logical and mathematical motions of the planets; meaningful and rightful functioning of the universe; the beautiful creation and growth of the plants and the living beings – all these works prove existence of some super, intelligent, living power – The God.

God is omniscient. He knows the thoughts in the minds of all.

God is the source of all knowledge. In the beginning of the universe, God gives knowledge to the human beings. God appeals directly in to the minds, he does not need hands to write or a mouth to speak.

God is omnipotent. He is all powerful; He performs his works by himself. He does not need anybody’s assistance to run the universe. He manages all His affairs by himself. He is always just and never does injustice. He always follows His just code.

God is equally accessible to all. He is the father and the mother of all living beings. No agent or broker is needed to approach Him. No body can be a God’s agent. God does not favor any one, nor He disfavors any one.

God is always in a state of ecstasy (bliss). Getting close to Him gives comfort, just like a fire gives comfort to the cold (persons).

God has his own work field, and humans have their own different work fields.

Five Causes Of Sufferings

Yoga Philosophy talks about five Causes of Sufferings:-

o Ignorance – Root cause of all the other four.
o Arrogance
o Attachment
o Fear of Pain
o Fear of Death

* Ignorance: There are four types of ignorance.

1. Wrong beliefs – Treating mortal as immortal, immortal as mortal.

Thinking and treating body and things as they will last for ever.

Treating and thinking soul, God and good qualities i.e. truth, justice, etc., as they are not ever lasting.

2. Believing pure which is impure and impure which is pure. Not believing in speaking the truth, being just, helping others and being courteous; rather believing in useless things.

3. Believing the causes of unhappiness as causes of happiness, and causes of happiness as causes of unhappiness. i. e. trying to find happiness in lust, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, fear of pain; and not finding happiness in the real means of happiness such as love, friendship, contentment, control of senses.

4. Treating living beings as non living and non living beings as living. I.e. believing in stone worship as god worship; No hesitation in hurting, humans or animals treating them as they are non living.

* Arrogance: Considering oneself big and arrogant. One attains godly qualities only by being modest.

* Attachment: Desire of doing it again, previously done fun things. When one understands that there is always a change in life than this problem goes away.

* Jealousy: Getting angry by thinking about the past painful experiences.

o Fear of Death: All living beings want to stay alive and do not want to die. This is because of previous life’s experiences. All humans, animals, birds, insects fear death.

13. Ten Principles For Self And Social Uplift

1. Patience – Having patience during happiness or misery, gain or loss, admiration or insult.
2. Tolerance – Being tolerant of the harm done to you by someone who is stronger or weaker than you are.
3. Control of Mind – Keeping the mind away from the bad thoughts and engaging it in the good thoughts.
4. Refrain from Stealing – Earn money only by just means. No illegal or immoral means be used. No stealing or robbing nor accepting bribe.
5. Cleanliness – Keep inner cleanliness by shunning jealousies and grudges. Keep outer cleanliness by keeping air, water, food, body, clothes, places and paths clean. Outer cleanliness helps keeping the mind happy.
6. Proper use of Body – Engage body parts like hands, feet, mouth for a good cause.
7. Intelligence – Improve intelligence by eating right food, reading good books and keeping good company.
8. Knowledge – acquire as much knowledge as possible. Learn qualities and uses of all the things around.
9. Truth – Accepting what you know, saying what you accept and doing what you say.
10. Avoid Anger – too much anger should be avoided. Normal anger for a right cause may be justified.

Styles of hair and clothes do not make a man or the society. Accepting the truth and rejecting the untruth and following the path of justice, without prejudice, are the real qualities that make a man and the society.
Ref: Manusmriti

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