AQA Spanish GCSE New Specification: make money

AQA Spanish GCSE New Specification

AQA Spanish GCSE New Specification

Uploaded by:- GerdChannel (162672901@N05) @ 2019-03-28 18:25:10 is the vocabulary from the new specification Spanish GCSE, examined from 2018. Me, my family and friends Me, my family and friends higher Technology in everyday life Technology in everyday life – higher Free-time activities Free-time activities – Higher Customs and festivals Customs and festivals – Higher Home, town, neighbourhood and region Home, town, neighbourhood and region – Higher Social Issues Social Issues higher Global issues higher Global issues Travel and tourism Travel and tourism higher My studies foundation and higher Life at school/college Life at school/college higher Education Post-16 foundation and higher Jobs, career choices and ambitions Jobs, careers and ambitions higher Voice: Spanish View/Download The Transcripts for this video here:➤➤ DONATE :➤ SUGGESTIONS? :➤ WEBSITE: :➤ STORE:➤ WORDPRESS :➤ Make Money by Selling Online :➤ Link Shorter : ➤ SUBSCRIBE :➤ PLAYLIST :➤ FACEBOOK :➤ TWITTER :➤ INSTAGRAM :➤

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