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Umme Ayman

Umme Ayman

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Umme Ayman, 25, is a doctor by profession. She says “ I did PU from Bishop Cotton Women Christian College, then I joined an engineering college. While I was doing my engineering I got to know there was an opening in Unani College. So I left engineering, the fee everything and I joined in Unani. I have been the topper three times. We have exams once in 18 months. In the final year I got an award for being the topper consecutively. I got married after my final year exams. After completing my internship I have had my daughter Zainab. Sometimes I feel sad because all my friends are working in hospitals, or their own clinics. But, still her well being and happiness means more to me than anything else in this world. I have plenty of time in the future to pursue my career. I am not able to do my prayers like how I used to do last year. She is there na to disturb (laughs). When she is sleeping, it is the time to work. She is only 4 months old. If I have a problem feeding I am not supposed to fast, but if I don’t fast these 30 days are like a debt for me. But, now I’m fasting, I have been fasting since the starting and I haven’t had any problems till now.”

She says “for us from all the 12 months Ramazan is the most special month of the year. For each and every muslim. It is because Allah captures the Shaitan, for this particular month the devil does not intervene. When we fast and we keep ourselves away from bad deeds and inculcate good deeds, we are in a way killing the devil within ourselves. We are suppose to fast from 7 years of age. I remember as children for us it was a matter of pride to keep fast. I remember when we were kids if we were not able to fast my relatives used to tease me saying that your stomach is like a big vessel and you keep eating. So I used to push myself and was very proud if I could fast for the entire month. Also Quran, the holy book of Islam is said to be revealed in the month of Ramazan. On the 26th day of Roza. It was revealed in small parts they say. It was revealed for over 23 years to our prophet. The revelation was completed on the 26th of Ramazan. If we have the will we can finish the Quran in one month. But just reading it does not suffice, you have to understand the true meaning of the Quran. It is said that there are 7 stages of heaven, and the one who fasts will enter the seventh stage of heaven. This month is Ramadan, and the next month after Ramadan is called Shaval. So Eid, is the the last day of Ramadan, and the first day of the month of Shaval.

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