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Writing articles and posting your articles online is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business opportunity in today’s market. There are many different styles of writing that can be very effective, and your writings must be done on a regular and consistent basis if you want to survive online. It has been proven that well written content will get your message to the internet masses whether your content appears in a web site, blog, forum or some other form of media that can promote what you have to offer.

Words can be extremely powerful in promoting a product or service. Straying from your subject matter even a little bit can be devastating to your overall effectiveness and online success. When writing you must keep your approach focused on the subject you select to write about and stick with the subject rather than rambling. Nothing will turn a reader off quicker than your writings straying off your topic.

It’s a good practice to make a brief outline of your subject matter so you won’t spend a lot of time on content that offers nothing relevant to your subject matter. Whether your words are spoken or written, your words can be compelling and can persuade individuals to take that positive action and purchase your product or service. Words can be interrupted by the reader in many different ways. Hopefully a positive outcome will develop so you can follow through with your thoughts and close the sale.

The title of your article should include two or three keywords or phrases so the reader can get an idea of what your article is all about. Many times this is referred to as the headline of the article. If you fail to grab the attention of the reader in the title, many of your readers won’t look any further at your information. Your title should be catchy but not cute so the reader will continue to read what you have to say about your opportunity.

If you’re like most readers they will scan read your page rather quickly: If you haven’t caught their attention by then, you have probably lost that potential client and they will quickly move to the next site and do the same process all over again. Normally you only have one chance to capture the reader’s attention. You must take full advantage of that chance if you want to succeed online.

Keep your headline as short as possible and still get your point across. Never use a general title unless a one word title explains what you’re trying to convey to the user. A good example would be the term “Leads”. This particular word is a general term, however, any online marketer will relate to the word because of the importance of “leads” to the success of their business.

Your title must be very clear, concise and deliver a specific message. Once you have compiled your article and reviewed it for content, spelling and structure, you will find a number of suitable titles for your writing. I always like to write my articles about a specific topic but never title the article until I have completed my writings. This makes it easier to find a suitable, relevant title to whatever my articles final outcome may have evolved into.

Once you’ve noted several different titles that can be used for your writing, then you can make a choice of which one best describes your overall content of your article. A good example here would be if you were writing about blogging, you could use the title of “Writing Blogs is Fun” may be a general title that has no meaning to the individual who is interested in blogging for promoting his or her business. A title of “Blogging to Promote Your Business Opportunity” may be more appropriate. Use your imagination a little here, and soon your writing will evolve into a powerful medium of communication.

As you progress in your writing and blogging skills you will find it much easier each time you write, to come up with an effective title. Practice makes perfect in this particular case. The more you write the better you will be at writing. You will find there is a particular segment of readers that will relate to your writings and will make it a point to subscribe to your RSS feeds so they can keep up with your writings because they like your style. You will create a following of avid, loyal readers that one day may become your next best customers.

Just remember, your headline is what is going to get the attention of the reader in almost every case. Make the headline catchy, write good relevant content in the body of your article and consistently write and blog in an effort to hone your skills in writing until writing becomes a second nature to your everyday activity.

In Summary: Create a powerful headline that will grab the reader’s attention to your articles. Take some time, a little effort and a dash of creativity and come up with the very best title you can think of. Continue to practice to hone your writing skills and you’re on your way to establishing a following of regular readers that will eventually recognize you as their authority on a given subject.

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