RAD20160912_006 (Nikon FM3A & Kodak Ultramax 400): latest on health

RAD20160912_006 (Nikon FM3A & Kodak Ultramax 400)

RAD20160912_006 (Nikon FM3A & Kodak Ultramax 400)

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The short bridge leading from the Maralinga airfield to the terminal was called The Bridge of Sighs:

A sigh of trepidation by those arriving;
A sigh of relief by those departing.

We must not forget Maralinga

British nuclear tests carried out at Maralinga, South Australia, between 1956 and 1963.

Since all the asbestos wall panelling has been removed, the airfield terminal is now also safe to visit, and so, we have been told, is the former atomic test site. You will be safe.

Quite bizarre really. 60 years ago atomic tests were carried out here, people were told that they would be safe from the fallout, and then, later on, health hazards of asbestos, especially when damaged/cut during construction or due to deterioration, also became apparent. Just as well people and army personnel working at Maralinga during the atomic tests didn’t know that, besides the exposure to radiation, exposure to asbestos could kill them as well … You will be safe.

We must not forget Maralinga.

The RAD project: (A roll in a day/a day in a roll) www.flickr.com/groups/rollinaday/

Bennett’s Photos & Frames, Mortdale, NSW Australia

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